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Best Guide to Fast Softballs

Fast Softballs

Those who play softball with a league or with family members and friends understand how stressful running out of the ball is. That's why it's a good idea to stock up on extras. So, whichever softballs do you think will be the greatest in 2022? To someone who is only remotely familiar with softballs, they all appear to be the same.

However, there are a few essential variables to examine to acquire high-quality ones, like size, COR, and compaction, to mention a few. We've compiled a list of our top recommendations for next year to assist you in making the best decision possible. Our crew picked these solutions because of their great size, excellent compression, and ideal fit.

Buying Softballs: A Buyer's Guide

To a casual fan of the sport, softballs may be a simple and essential buy. There are various aspects to consider when looking for the greatest softballs, including COR, height, length, pressure, and color. These features might help you distinguish between the two softball manufacturers. In addition, their physique has altered drastically since the beginning of the sport. It's worth noting that softball's characteristics and design significantly influence the player's game. This blog will teach you everything you need to find the greatest softballs available. You can have a glance on the best picks of bats on the bat nerds.

Shapes and sizes.

The first point to remember about softballs, particularly if you're new to them, is that there are two types of balls. Fast-pitch and slow-pitch balls are examples of this.

Balls varieties

Slow pitch

This ball is designed to move faster than other ball types. Please keep in mind that just because a ball has a slow-pitch marking on it doesn't imply it complies with your league's standards. To guarantee that the ball meets the league's criteria, pay closer attention to its size, COR scores, and compressing.


The fast pitch ball, but unlike the slow-pitch ball, is designed to have an astounding speed off the bat. The rate will be determined by the COR and compressing ratings. It's worth noting that since a softball is labeled as fastpitch doesn't ensure it'll comply with your league's regulations.

Things to consider

Fast Softballs

It is important to check the quality of product and items of all we are buying. When it comes to our happiness and profession, we must be extra concerned about what we are buying. Here are some things to think about before picking which softball to purchase for long lasting durability and also for happiness and satisfaction.

Core and cover

A softball's core is composed of a synthetic combination of rubber and cork produced from either kapok or polyurethane. The diameter of the body varies depending on league criteria. On the other hand, the components are consistent throughout all levels of play.

When looking for a softball, the ball's outer cover is one thing to keep in mind. Synthetic or genuine leatherette is the most common choice. These leatherette swatches are available in two colors: optic yellow and white. Remember that yellow is the official color for professional cycles, while white is used for slow pitches and leisure leagues.

Substances and make-up

Baseballs and softballs are built similarly, albeit with minor differences in some areas. Softballs are typically formed comprised of a covering and core sewed with an elevated or operated line of linen or colour string stitching might be applied to the covering to improve grip. The joints are commonly black, red, monochromic, or turquoise if the surface is constructed of wood.

Compression and COR

Fast Softballs

COR and compression describe how far a softball will go when struck with a specific quantity of force. A quarter-inch reduction in the amount of energy required to crush the softball. On the other hand, COR, is a measuring of the ball in the air, and softballs with a higher COR move faster and far longer. By this, the game will be till more interesting and  engaging to play as well watch.


The size of a softball that is optimal for play depends on the softball league. Professional softballs are usually around 10 and 12 inches in length. You could well be required to play with softballs as large as 16 inches in specific slow-pitch city organizations. Softballs with a diameter of 11 to 12 inches are most appropriate for young kids. It's also advantageous if they're light, making things manageable.

Price Range

Softballs are unique in that they are relatively inexpensive and less expensive than a bat or glove. Nevertheless, you should be aware that although a glove or bat may be used for a few decades, you must use scores of softballs during that time, increasing the entire cost. As a result, buying softballs in quantity is preferable. A new softball will cost you around $4 and $10.

Leather balls are often more expensive than synthesized balls. It's also worth noting that the slow-pitch and fast-pitch balls are nearly identical. When purchasing many softballs, keep in mind that getting them by the 12 is the best way of saving money.

Softballs for practice are pretty inexpensive, with some available for as little as $2. Non-traditional softballs are designed for youth players, and they have a soft shell that resembles a tee-ball, and the price is nearly as much as standard softballs. Softballs used in practice are often larger than standard softballs and are intended to improve the pitcher's forearms. 

Softballs can cost as much as $15 or as little as $8. The last group is the grooved softballs, which resemble softballs but have significant seams. They're made for batting practice, specifically with auto-pitching equipment in mind. Softballs with dimples cost around $25 and $50.


Softball is a simple, enjoyable, and thrilling sport. Softball is a great activity for beginners and experts alike since the regulations are simple and the apparatus is affordable. Using the proper equipment is a a way to keep the pleasure and thrill of softball alive. The advice in this article should assist you in locating the ideal balls for your requirements.