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Best Debit & Credit Card Machines During COVID 19

COVID-19 has certainly changed the way most people do business. We are all in a difficult time due to the global coronavirus pandemic. From curbside pickup to telemedicine, the world is adapting to living with a pandemic that doesn’t seem to be going away.

We are living under a new normal that includes a contactless payment machine. Although some businesses have to adopt new technology to use contactless transactions, using one of these machines that avoids contact can certainly keep staff and customers safe. It comes with so many benefits that are the need of the time.

Why Choose Contactless Transactions?

Americans have been slow to accept contactless transactions, even though they’ve been popular in other countries around the globe. Years ago, it was anticipated that contactless pay would be the future, even without a pandemic.

Now, with people wanting to avoid touch, contactless transactions seem to be the trend. Younger customers have been more accepting of contactless pay options, but with COVID-19, consumers of all ages are adapting to new technology.

People today worry about passing germs through signature touchpads and keypads because it is difficult to keep those machines clean without giving up efficiency and performance.

How Do Contactless Transactions Work?

Contactless transactions work through radio-frequency identification (RFID) or near-field communication (NFC), which is a type of RFID technology. RFID lets physical objects talk to each other through electromagnetic fields. If you’ve gone through a toll road, you’ve probably used RFID technology. Your toll device “talked” to the scanner, identifying your car.

NFC works on a similar basis as RFID, but only requires a few centimeters between devices. This prevents accidents that your credit card might pay for another person’s groceries as you pass the device in the grocery store. Many ticketing places, such as the NYC subway are adapting to NFC technology to give patrons a way to get through the gates quickly and safely.

Give Customers an Option for Contactless Transactions

As customers turn away from cash and gravitate toward contactless transactions, your business needs to be prepared to accept credit cards and debit cards without keypads. Contactless payments are convenient and safe for customers to conduct socially distant payments. The technology is secure, but there are some things to think about when looking for the best credit card machines:

  • Updated POS systems - antiquated systems don’t always have the technology to accept contactless transactions.
  • Privacy - privacy has been a big concern with contactless transactions, but newer technologies are addressing this problem.
  • Accessibility - some customers do not have bank accounts or mobile phones, limiting their ability to pay. Using a Clover Flex Terminal can be beneficial for your business, but you should make sure that all customers have options to pay.
  • Transaction limits - tap-to-pay systems may have transaction limits because a PIN nor signature is required. These limits are often set by the card issuer, not your bank. The limits can encourage your customers feel safer with contactless payment.

Think about how your business can adapt to new concerns under COVID-19. Address your customer’s concerns with touchless and contactless payment options. Get more information about our merchant cash discount program and find some of the best debit and credit card machines that will take your business through the new normal of coronavirus and beyond.

Using the contactless payment process, you can make sure both you and your customers stay safe without affecting your business. You can have happy customers and make business in an uncertain situation like this. So, make your decision today and have your contactless payment process for your business today.