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Best Casinos in Europe Online and Offline

Casinos have been around for centuries. They came to be in 1638 Italy, where they were first known as gambling houses, and even though weren’t known as casinos back then, they did meet all of the criteria required for us to now refer to them as the first-ever casinos.

The world has barely stood still in the past 500 years, though. Technological advancements have progressively made casinos much better than they were back in seventieth-century Venice, as well as much more easily accessible. Now, players can enjoy the world’s best casino games without even needing to walk through their home’s front door.

Even though movies lead us to believe that American locations like Las Vegas or Atlantic City are the world’s main gambling hubs, Europe is still home to some of the most popular casinos in the world, as well as some of the oldest and most widely respected.

Best Online Casinos in Europe

Gone are the days of having to leave your house to find legit establishments in which to spend your money. With the introduction of online casinos in the 1990s, the institutionalization of online gambling in Europe has always seemed to be on a rise. 

Whether you’re looking to gamble with bitcoin or spend your euros playing online, it’s never been safer to play in a casino from the comfort of your home. Sites licensed in Curacao, the United Kingdom, and Malta are operated by reliable companies that are constantly audited by a third party to ensure the transparency of their practices.

Here are three of the best casinos in Europe that you can visit, according to Klaas from the Casino Wizard team of gambling experts:

1. mBitCasino

mBitCasino is one of the world’s most reputable and highest-rated cryptocurrency casinos. Always looking to innovate and with an evergreen catalog of quality games, this crypto casino allows players from Europe to gamble with Bitcoin or any of the world’s most popular altcoins

Promotions, bonuses, and events will always feel within your reach when gambling at mBit. Its quick registration process is the only aspect of the site that feels quicker than the almost-immediate way in which it processed withdrawals.

2. Ignition Casino

Few casinos truly feel exclusive to European players, as most gambling sites aim to provide services to gamblers from all over the world. That’s not the case at Ignition Casino, though, one of Europe’s most popular online gambling sites. 

This website’s collection of slots and table games is only matched by its ability to reward players with fantastic promotions. It’s also home to one of Europe’s best online poker lobbies.

3. FortuneJack

With thousands of games at your disposal and the ability to claim 100 free spins on registration, FortuneJack is another popular crypto casino that offers its services across Europe. The site hosts a sportsbook and a gallery of top-quality slots and table games, provided by some of the most recognizable software developers in the online gambling industry.

Quick registration and quicker withdrawals await those that visit the FortuneJack Casino to begin their iGaming journey. 

Best Land-Based Casinos in Europe

As popular as online casinos are, nothing beats the thrill and emotion that comes with playing in a land-based casino. Europe is home to some of the oldest and most concurred casinos on the planet, which gives you quite a repertoire of casinos to choose from if you’re keen to visit an establishment to play casino games.

Some places take the cake and position themselves as the very best casinos in Europe, thanks to their size, tradition, or popularity. Here are the best land-based gambling establishments in the continent: 

1. Casino de Monte-Carlo - Monaco

The Casino de Monte Carlo is arguably Monaco’s most important establishment. The government of the principality, as well as members of the Royal Family, have a majority interest. Apart from being one of the best high-roller casinos in the world where millions are gambled on an average night, the public company that owns the casino is also the owner of many other establishments across the principality. 

It is, however, solely a touristic location. People that reside in Monaco are not allowed to wager money within its halls.

2. Casino Estoril - Portugal

The Casino Estoril was founded in 1931, between both World Wars, but it became a true European gambling hub during the period of instability that the Second World War brought to European soil. The casino was frequented by all sorts of important people during the war, including war adventurers, monarchs, politicians, diplomats, and spies.

The casino was expanded in 1960 to help it become one of the biggest land-based gambling establishments within the European Union, as well as one of the most important casinos in the world. 

3. Casinò di Campione - Italy

The Casino di Campione is Italy’s and Europe’s largest land-based casino. It’s located in a small Italian enclave in Switzerland, just a few meters off the Italian border. It’s one of the oldest casinos in Italy, having been founded as a way to draw-in foreign politicians during the times of World War I. 

The casino remained closed for almost 4 years due to the economic impact of the pandemic, which caused it to go bankrupt. After its reopening in January 2022, it started to draw a large crowd again with its 56 tables and more than 500 slot machines.

Find a Safe Casino and Wager As You Please!

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to gamble online or visit land-based casinos; the world of gambling has become such a worldwide juggernaut that finding a safe place to play is easier than it has ever been – especially if you follow the right gambling tips. Reliability and licensing are the most crucial aspects of gambling, too – so, it doesn’t matter which type of gambling you prefer to carry on, be sure to do so in legit gambling establishments.

Take a trip to Monaco, Portugal, or Italy if land-based gambling is what you’re after, or embark on a digital journey to discover the best casinos online in Europe!