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Best Careers for Girls

The list of in-demand professions for girls can be very long, in addition, in recent times the work is rarely divided by gender. Almost any job women can do just as well as men, and sometimes much better.

This is because some professions are created for women. Well, or at least, it is much easier and more accustomed to the ladies to perform certain functions inherent in certain specialties. By the way, if you want to start working while studying, use essay help for it. So let's consider just of these professions. 

7 in-demand professions for girls after school graduation

The traction for higher education is not for all female graduates of basic or secondary school. Many of them want to learn a specialty that not only has to be like but will also bring a stable and fairly high income. Let's tell you what professions will suit girls who dream of quickly acquiring useful knowledge and skills and getting to work.


The services of this specialist are needed by everyone - from infants to the elderly. The masseur knows the techniques of impact on the body, which improves blood circulation, restores the elasticity of joints, increases the tone of the skin. Relaxing and cosmetological, anti-cellulite and sports, lymphatic drainage and aromatic - there are a lot of types of massage, and each girl can learn exactly the direction that allows her to enjoy the work.

Professional massage therapists are always in demand: job openings for hiring such specialists place private medical clinics, health resorts, hotels, beauty centers. You can engage in private practice, opening your own office. You will not need large investments, because of the main thing for the masseur - the possession of different techniques of exposure to the human body and strong hands. A special table and professional cosmetics - and you can start working.


It is the dream of many girls to create amazing cakes and delicious desserts. To do this professionally, you need to be trained in college. Here students are taught the secrets of biscuits and creams, the technology of making meringues and mousses, professional tricks, and cultivating an artistic taste.

Graduates get a good basis for further growth because the confectioner is a creative specialty, which involves constant improvement of skills, learning new techniques and methods. Professionals in this field are needed everywhere, from small coffee shops to hotel restaurants. You can produce products under your brand, embody your ideas, and set trends in confectionery art with your masterpieces.

Sewing machine operator

One of the most in-demand professions for girls for many years includes this specialty. The ability to cut and sew clothes, create other products from textiles and knitwear can be acquired on courses or by taking a college course. In addition to professional skills, a seamstress must have such qualities as assiduity, accuracy, even perfectionism.

The training program includes information about sewing equipment, types of fabrics, and other materials used in textile production. If there is no desire to do routine work in a sewing factory, you can get a job in an atelier for sewing wedding and evening dresses or start your own business.


A professional assistant is necessary for a manager of any rank, from the director of a small company to a minister. The duties of a secretary include working with documents, receiving incoming calls, organizing meetings and business meetings, fulfilling a variety of orders of the head. A good secretary is aware of all the current affairs of his boss. The efficiency of the whole company largely depends on his responsiveness, organization, and punctuality.

A girl who plans to learn this specialty in a course or college should be prepared for a long workday and a lot of emotional stress. The reward will be a worthy assessment of her work on the part of the manager. It is not uncommon for a secretary-assistant to "grow up" with her boss: moving to a higher position, the manager takes his assistant with him.

Beauty Salon Employee

If we talk about the most popular professions for girls graduating from school, the list of in-demand occupations would not be complete without mentioning hairdressers, manicure-pedicure masters, and other workers of the beauty sphere. In addition to those listed, beauty salons often have a job opening for an aesthetic beautician, who provides professional care for the skin of the face and décolleté zone.

In recent years, very relevant specialties such as a lash maker (master of eyelash extensions and eyelashes) and an eyebrow specialist engaged in the modeling and coloring of eyebrows. Basic knowledge and skills can be obtained on a month and a half course and the fame of a good professional is earned by hard work and constant improvement of their skills.

7 in-demand professions for girls with higher education

Flight Attendant

Many passengers on an airplane experience a lot of stress. To make flying as comfortable as possible for their customers, air carriers carefully select candidates for the position of a stewardess. Applicants must have higher education, preferably medical, managerial or technical, know foreign languages and be able to provide first aid.

In addition, many airlines consider stewardesses their business card, so the appearance of the girls are very demanding. A perfect smile and slim figure should be accompanied by high self-control, the ability to remain calm in critical situations and always take care of the health and safety of passengers.

Girls who think that the work of a stewardess will allow them to see the whole world, waiting for disappointment: most often familiarity with other countries is limited to the territory of the airport. It is quite a dangerous, but interesting and in-demand profession.

Public Relations Specialist

Large companies and government agencies always have an employee whose job is to build and maintain the image of the organization. He communicates with the press, provides the media with official releases, and follows the information about the company that appears on the pages of online and paper publications.

The professionalism of this employee largely depends on the reputation of the institution, the public opinion about its activities. Of course, the requirements for applicants for this position are high. In addition to the pleasant appearance, the girl should have higher education in the humanities, know languages, ideally know the oral and written language.

Tourist manager

The list of in-demand professions that dream to tie their lives to travel, again added to the list of specialties in the field of tourism. The pandemic caused serious damage to this industry, but today the borders are opening and mass travels abroad are gradually resuming.

Girls with higher education, knowledge of foreign languages, and willingness to travel around Russia and abroad can apply for vacancies in the field of tourism. Before offering their clients a new destination, large travel agencies send their managers "on reconnaissance".

Specialist in human resources

The effectiveness of the company often depends on the competent selection of employees. This responsibility falls on the shoulders of professionals in the field of HR, which assess applicants for a vacant position, based on knowledge of psychology and understanding of the specifics of the enterprise. These professionals are responsible for creating a comfortable psychological climate in the team, which ultimately has a positive effect on productivity and the commercial success of the company.

Physician at a private clinic

The number of applicants to medical schools remains consistently high, but few students see their vocation in working in the municipal healthcare sector. Most students hope to find a job at a private medical center, so they can earn a decent salary for their knowledge, experience, and attention to patients.

As a rule, the level of income of narrow specialists is higher than that of general practitioners and family doctors. Allergists, endocrinologists, gynecologists, and speech therapists are among the most sought-after and well-paid professions for girls in the medical field.

Psychologist (psychoanalyst)

One of the specialties whose popularity skyrocketed not so long ago. Today, full-time professionals in psychology are required by educational institutions, large firms, and banks. Private clinics and state social services open such vacancies.

The level of income depends on the source of funding: in commercial structures, it is higher than in municipal organizations. If you want, you can gain experience and open your own office to provide psychological support to anyone who needs it and can pay for such services.


Profession for girls with a creative approach to life, an unconventional vision of the world around them, and a developed sense of style. Good specialists are those who graduated from art school and continued their education in a specialized university.

An interior designer needs basic knowledge of different styles and trends, the ability to combine colors and textures, and to create a comfortable space, taking into account its purpose. In addition, he must follow current trends, understand trends, listen to the opinion of the customer, and also be able to defend his point of view.


Traditionally, it is a woman's profession that never loses its relevance: competent specialists in this sphere will never stay out of work. Accounting, reporting to various agencies, payroll, and tax payments - if a girl is not intimidated by such a range of duties, she should enroll in college for the appropriate specialty. Mathematical mindset, logical thinking, diligence, attention to detail, and even some meticulousness are inherent in all good accountants.

This position implies material responsibility on a par with the company's management, so it is very important to be able to adequately assess the situation and make a well-balanced decision. Career growth will require higher education, which will allow overtime to take the chair of a chief accountant or commercial director of the company.