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Best Beachwear Brands for Your Next Vacation

A swimsuit is the same important part of a wardrobe as a dress or jacket. The choice should be made carefully, that is why so many people are looking forward to new collections of famous brands in order to be stylish and attract attention on the beach. The first items of clothing resembling a swimsuit can be seen on ancient frescoes, and it was only at the beginning of the XIX century when swimming costumes appeared.

However, they were inconvenient, so the designers began to develop more comfortable models for swimming in the sea. In 1946, the first swimsuit was introduced in America, named after the Bikini atoll located in the Marshall Islands. Today it is difficult to surprise someone with clothes for the sea, which are presented in a wide variety. In order not to get lost in a huge number of styles, colors, and prints, we have selected brands for you that create the best swimsuits. Let's talk about them:

  • Seafolly

Seafolly is one of the most popular swimwear brands in the world and the most popular brand in Australia. Swimwear of this brand is known for its perfect fit. Separate bandeau swimsuits of this brand are especially popular. The perfect fit of the bra is provided by the bones on the sides and a thin silicone tape on the inside, which does not allow sliding. In each Seafolly swimwear collection, you can find models made of premium jacquard fabric. This texture is unusual for swimwear and will appeal to fans of unusual products. All models of Seafolly swimwear have removable tight inserts.

  • Bondye

The Australian brand Bondeye broke into beach fashion and completely changed the established idea of swimwear. The products made such an effect on the world thanks to the unusual fabric and juicy colors. Due to the high elasticity of the product, they perfectly fit the body and sit well - all of this is due to the fabric awarded dozens of quality certificates. Bondye swimwear is the embodiment of minimalism and sophistication. They will be a godsend for those who do not accept a large amount of decor and want to take a break from the bright colors.

  • Jets

Jets is a well-known Australian swimwear brand, which is one of the leaders in the premium beachwear segment. The brand has won international recognition for its flawless style combined with high-quality materials. Jets is a choice of self-confident and stylish women who value quality. Designers are developing collections of bathing suits and beachwear that perfectly match each other and with other collections. Jets products are created only from the highest quality materials. At the same time, manufacturers take care of the environment. The use of renewable materials is Jets' contribution to environmental protection.

  • Funkita

Funkita is an Australian company that produces high-quality swimwear and sportswear. The company was founded in 2002 and is now widely recognized for its chlorine-resistant swimwear. Bright and colorful designs and prints of Funkita swimwear are enough to diversify every day of the beach season. If you want to enjoy swimming in the sea or pool, pay attention to the creative, functional, and stylish swimwear of this leading brand.

  • Sea Level

Every woman dreams of looking spectacular on the beach, and Sea Level swimsuits are created especially for this.  Fashion house designers keep up with the times, so in the catalog, you will find a model for every taste and color. Only modern and fast-drying fabrics are used in the cutting. They are resistant to salt water and chlorine. The designers of the fashion house choose deep saturated colors, floral prints, and geometric shapes.

  • Speedo

Speedo is one of the world's leading companies producing swimming products such as swimsuits, swimming trunks, glasses, hats, and other accessories. The company was founded in Australia in 1928 by Alexander McRae, an emigrant from Scotland. During its more than 100-year history, the company has created many innovative products. For example, they were the first to produce swimming suits made of nylon, not wool, and then nylon and lycra. One of the latest achievements of the company is considered to be the equipment of the LZR racer — the "fastest" and high-tech suit ever created. The technology of fabric manufacturing and tailoring made it ideal for swimming, and that was confirmed by numerous victories in world championships.

  • Sunflair

By choosing a Sunflair, you will be sure of your irresistibility. Corrective inserts, interesting styles, beautiful colors, and prints. The brand creates a one-piece, separate bathing suits, tankini, and even models with skirts and shorts. Only the highest quality fabrics are used in the production. Great attention is paid to the decor and fittings. Original fasteners, soft cups, corsages, breast support – every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. The material is characterized by softness, increased wearing comfort, and durability. When you buy bathing clothes from this brand, be ready to catch admiring glances at yourself.

Best Beachwear Brands