Best 4 Countries to Learn English
May 22, 2021

Best 4 Countries to Learn English

Are you going abroad and thinking of learning English? There are many countries where English is the national language, and you might get the best experience.

Surprisingly, China and Korea have become popular for those wanting to learn English, however; countries like Australia that have high immigration rates have plenty of courses like IELTS or PTE coaching Sydney to choose from.

We made a list of countries and added some courses/activities you can do while studying English.

 Best 4 Countries to Learn English


The most engaging way to learn English is to communicate with peers about what interests you. You can combine learning English with hobbies in the USA: surfing, music, movies, hiking, etc. Many language schools offer classes at top universities. The average cost starts from $316 per week for training and $325 for accommodation in such camps.

A week at a California surf camp from FLS International includes eighteen English lessons and ten workouts. Students will be able to visit Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios, and Disneyland.

Also, you can determine your English proficiency level by passing TOEFL. The course is made for the people who plan to enter US universities: students are preparing to take the TOEFL. There you can learn about the programs and entrance examinations of American colleges and universities. Additionally, you can practice yoga and mini-golf, visit clubs of interest, go on excursions to Washington, Boston, Philadelphia.

United Kingdom

Language schools in the UK are suitable for those who intend to study classical English and want to know more about British traditions and history. Many courses take place on the territory of old private schools with a fantastic atmosphere – you can feel like a student at Hogwarts for a while. There are also some sophisticated English tutors to help you with the homework. The prices begin from $500 per week, that can be a lot. The Oxbridge program prepares students for admission to Oxford and Cambridge. Participants will improve their grammar and vocabulary, acquire a beautiful accent, and at the same time learn everything about access to leading British universities.


Canada ranks first in terms of living standards. There is a safe environment, sound ecology, and picturesque nature there: the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians, vast national parks, rivers, and lakes. The language courses here are the perfect combination of British traditions, American scale, and affordable prices.

The ILAC language school cooperates with sixty-five universities in Canada, admission to one guaranteed upon successful completion of the program. The timing and content of the course depend on the chosen specialty, but the entrance level of English must be at least Pre-Advanced.

Summer Camp at Brentwood College School

Language camp students at Brentwood College School live in the school's residence and study in groups of up to fifteen people. The course program depends on the age of the students: children twelve years old study school subjects. The personal schedule is drawn up to prepare for the chosen specialty at the university for high school students.


We recommend choosing a school in Malta if you do not set global academic goals but want to communicate freely and travel easily. English is one of the native languages here, and training will complement beach holidays and boat trips. The cost is also high – from $600 per week.

Sprachcaffe Language Plus

The program of the Sprachcaffe language school is aimed at the development of speaking and writing. No more than 15 people are engaged in groups, and four lessons a day are allocated for training. The rest of the time, students practice communication with residents, go to parties, go diving. There are many language camps there.

The camp at European Center Malta runs from June to August, and the classes comprehensively developed your basic language skills: speaking and writing, reading, listening. Regular testing helps track progress and fill knowledge gaps so that Malta can be a perfect choice for you.

Wrap Up

There are many ways to learn English properly if you want to get an intensive course – language camps are a great choice. Moreover there you can do some other fun activities like diving, surfing, gardening and many more. Grab your friends, get some English books, and go traveling and learning.