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Benefits of Using Organic Tampons During Periods

Women use hygiene products during their menstrual cycle. There are different feminine hygiene products, but tampons are the most common ones. However, most women today are unaware of the various options available in the market when it comes to tampons.

According to reports, the global feminine hygiene products market reached a value of $ 21.6 billion in 2020.

Tampons are made of different materials. You can also find organic tampons now. These are made from 100% organic and natural ingredients. The following article will explain the benefits of using organic tampons with applicator in detail.

1) Good For The Skin

Skin allergies are likely to occur during menstruation. It is because of the chemicals in feminine hygiene products. Organic tampons with a plastic applicator are made from organic cotton, completely organic, and free from chemicals.   

Based on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports, putting a tampon in for too long can cause toxic shock syndrome, a severe health problem. The chemicals usually cause toxic shock syndrome in tampons.

Thankfully, using organic tampons virtually eliminates this risk, making them safe for longer periods of use.

2) Prevents Bad Odor

Organic tampons with an applicator prevent the bad smell of tampons because of the chemicals. The chemical substances in conventional tampons can cause vaginal infections because of the foul odor.

The best organic tampons with an applicator are made from organic cotton, which doesn't have bleaching chemicals. Organic tampons don't have a foul odor because there are no chemical substances. They are also entirely free from chlorine and other toxic substances, so they are completely safe to use.

3) Organic Cotton Is Good For The Environment

Many conventional tampons are made of harmful chemicals, which harm the environment because of open dumping or biodegradable disposal. Organic tampons prevent adverse effects on the environment. They don't pollute the ecosystem because they are made from organic cotton, which is environment-friendly and biodegradable.

4) Reduces Vaginal Irritation

Conventional tampons are lined with bleaching chemicals or other harmful substances. These chemical substances can cause serious health problems in women. Tampons made of organic fibers are entirely free from chlorine and other chemicals to reduce vaginal discomfort. Another common issue that most women face is BV. It is possible to stop recurring BV with the hlp of probiotic supplements. 

5) An Organic Tampon Can Be Used During Sports

So, how to use a tampon with a plastic applicator? It can be used for various needs.

Having an organic tampon in your bag is necessary when swimming or playing other sports. Conventional tampons should be removed before physical activities, but organic tampons are safe to use while playing sports because they don't cause infections.

6) No Product Change Is Necessary

You don't have to change the tampon as often when using organic tampons. The absorption capacity is the same as conventional tampons, but you can use them longer. You don't have to change the tampon as soon as it becomes moist, unlike the common plastic tampons.

Conventional tampons are made of bleaching chemicals, so less absorption quantity. You have to change your tampon more often when using conventional tampons for the same absorption capacity.

7)  Eco-Friendly Packaging

Organic cotton tampons with applicator are provided in eco-friendly packaging, so the packaging doesn't harm the environment.

Even though you are using tampons for a short period, tampons can have many effects on your skin and the environment.

Thankfully, you don't have to be stressed because organic tampons are safe and completely free from chemicals. You can use organic tampons during your period comfortably and prevent itching, irritation, and other skin problems.