Benefits of Having Patio Covers For Your Back Yard
July 19, 2022

Benefits of Having Patio Covers For Your Back Yard

Patios and outdoor kitchens are trendy home improvement projects allowing homeowners to turn backyards into year-round entertainment areas. However, weather extremes can take their toll on patio furniture and kitchens, especially in states like Texas, which experience scorching summers. With that in mind, homeowners often install patio covers that protect the property from the sun and offer privacy for residents. Professionally installed covers also increase property values and can add style to a home.

Beat the Heat with a Patio Cover 

No matter how inviting it may be to spend time lounging on a patio, the mid-summer sun can make enjoying the outdoors nearly impossible. A patio cover acts as a buffer that provides shade, making it possible to enjoy outdoor activities on the warmest days. By installing patio covers, homeowners also reduce the amount of sun that reaches the inside of their homes, which can lower indoor temperatures.  

Protect Outdoor Furnishings 

Homeowners often invest in comfortable, attractive patio furniture that turns their backyards into gathering spots for family and friends. However, the sun's UV rays fade cushions and cause peeling or flaking paint. A patio cover or pergola can offer protection. Per Landscaping Network, attached patio covers effectively shield furniture from all types of weather, including rain and sun.  

Outdoor kitchens also represent enormous investments for homeowners and need to be protected. A carefully designed covered patio becomes a dining and recreation area that is ideal for entertaining. Every kitchen feature is shielded, and a cover provides shade for cooking, eating, and fun. Once you have it covered, you can learn more about outdoor kitchen islands to expand your cooking area.

Add Privacy 

A patio cover or pergola can add an extra layer of privacy, which is especially important to homeowners living in communities where houses are built close together. Surrounding a covered patio with plants or flowers can turn an outdoor area into a tranquil oasis. 

It is also possible to hang curtains on a patio cover, which creates complete privacy. Manufacturers sell patio cover curtains, but creative homeowners can easily make their own. Curtains also add style and extra protection from the elements. 

Expands Living Space 

Covering a patio can turn a simple backyard area into a space that can be used throughout the year. A covered outdoor space is ideal for family gatherings or weeknight dinners. Instead of heating up an indoor kitchen, homeowners with outdoor kitchens can enjoy meals outdoors regardless of the weather.  

A covered patio can become an all-season space that may be adapted for gathering or entertaining in the chillier months by adding a heater. Many homeowners add firepits that allow them to sit around a fire on their covered patios during the fall and winter months.  

Boost Property Values 

Home buyers often look for homes with ready-to-use outdoor amenities, such as outdoor kitchens and covered patios. That can make selling a house with a covered outdoor area easier.   

House hunters also like the idea of extended living space. Sellers with professionally installed patio covers or pergolas can often get a higher price for their homes when they sell.  

In areas with wildfires, patio covers made with specific materials help to protect homes. The Orange County California Fire Authority says that aluminum and other metal covers are non-combustible, energy efficient, durable materials that are ideal for fire-prone areas.  

Professionally installed pergolas and patio covers give homes style and provide shade. Covers increase privacy and protect furnishings and outdoor kitchens from weather damage. They can also turn patios into expanded living spaces that boost property values.