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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Are you tired of the old and outdated furniture in your bathroom? Or maybe you need to optimize your storage space? Whatever the reason, if you need to remodel your bathroom, this article will be very helpful.

We will give you several tips to make this challenge as easy as possible, trying to spend as little as possible. In fact, this could be the ideal time of the year to do this type of remodeling, since you can take advantage of black friday deals and save a lot of money!

Remodeling the environment of a home does not have to be an impossible task to accomplish, it can be something relatively simple, and the bathroom bathroom renovator canberra is no exception. Of course you have to have patience, willingness, time, and above all vision to be able to design the space.

But don't panic, you are not alone, we will give you several tips to make your bathroom look as if it had been remodeled by Bathroom Remodeling Specialists! You will see how you will be able to transform your old and not very functional bathroom into a modern one that meets all your needs in a short period of time. Let's get started!

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


Let's start with one of the simplest aspects, the liners. Nowadays, dark colors are back in use in bathrooms, but be careful, because if your bathroom is really small, this can play against you.

Specialists always recommend using very light tones in very small rooms, since they will generate the sensation of enlarging the space. Dark tones shrink a lot; therefore, they are ideal for those bathrooms with a lot of surface.

However, if you really want to use a dark color, you can do it in a sector of the room. Instead of using it in the whole bathroom; apply it only on one wall for example. 

Although bathrooms have been tiled for decades, it is fine to use other textures. You can merge the tiles with a wall painted with enamel (which is easy to clean) or with vinyl. There are also different types of tiles with relief and drawings that add a different touch to the design, so that the whole environment is not the same. It is highly recommended to cut the general and main tone you choose with some other color or texture located somewhere in the bathroom that seems appropriate.

What type of sanitary fixtures to choose?

If part of the remodeling includes changing the sanitary fixtures (toilet, sink or some other) the most important thing, before buying one that you have found very nice, is that you make sure of the measures they should have. Check the dimensions of your bathroom before buying any appliance.

There is a wide variety of designs and models of sanitary fixtures, but do not get carried away by your taste without first checking that they fit in your bathroom. Be very clear about the measurements they should have, to avoid disappointments at the time of installation.

The cabinets

Lack of space is often the first drawback, especially in very small bathrooms. In this aspect, the cabinets are an excellent solution, thanks to their vertical format that usually take up little space.

If you want your new bathroom to have plenty of storage space, consider all the places where you can place shelves and cabinets. Make the most of it. In fact, you can have the cabinets specially made based on the measurements you need, and thus perform a Custom Bath Remodeling. This type of remodeling is a little more expensive, but it is ideal since it allows you to optimize the remodeling to the maximum, since it is custom-made and you don't have to mold the furniture you buy already made in a store to your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The mirror

A good mirror always makes a bathroom stand out. Always taking into consideration the space you have, choose the right size, but make sure it adds sophistication and modernity, and does not clash with the overall design of the bathroom.

Keep in mind that mirrors have the ability to enlarge the environments, therefore, if you have a small bathroom try to place the largest mirror that allows the space to generate a feeling of greater amplitude.