Are You Trading Sexting Pics With An Imposter On Onlyfans?
April 06, 2022

Are You Trading Sexting Pics With An Imposter On Onlyfans?

Trading Sexting Pics With An Imposter On Onlyfans

One of the worst things that can ever happen to you is when you find out that you’ve been sexting with someone who isn’t the person that you wanted to talk to. It happens all of the time and you can’t really avoid it in most cases. It’s easy to end up sexting with a person who’s only pretending to be the girl that you think she is.

It’s called catfishing and it happens every hour of ever day on the internet. It’s so common that you can actually read an entire article on it at Cyber Smile. When you can readily find instructions for carrying out a catfish then you can be sure that It’s something that’s going to happen to you at some point. 

Do imposters exist in the sexting sphere?

  1. Some sites are prone to catfishing
  2. Nothing feels worse than being deceived
  3. The social catfishing
  4. Trade pics and sext with real ladies
  1. Some sites are prone to catfishing

It can get even worse depending on which platform you’re using to get your sexting action. There are some very popular destinations on the internet that make all of their money from catfishing and nothing else. One of the biggest places to catfish on a regular basis is OnlyFans and you’re always just a click away from sexting with another man who’s just trying to get some money out of you. That’s the real fact that you just have to deal with.

  1. Nothing feels worse than being deceived

Just think about what it’s like to realize that you’re sexting with a man instead of a woman. You’ve been sexting with them for a good amount of time and things have gotten to a point where you’re able to have the dirty kind of fun that you’ve been looking for. Then you start trading your nude pics with them and that’s when you really start to enjoy yourself. Now think about how it would feel to find out that you’ve been sending those nudes to another man the entire time. It was a guy you were talking to and getting dirty with and there’s no way to go back in time and change it. That’s what usually happens on OnlyFans.

  1. The social catfishing

If you need some proof then all you have to do is read this article from Social Catfish. They let you know exactly how the premium scam works on the site and thousands of people fall victim to it every single day. Sometimes it’s run by people pretending to be the famous women you think you’re sexting with. Other times, the guys are hired by the women so they can get paid to sext with as many different men as they possibly can.

  1. Trade pics and sext with real ladies

No matter how much time you spend looking around the site or how sure you are that you’re talking to the real person, you’re pretty much always going to end up getting scammed in the end. It’s just way too easy to do it and men can’t resist it. All they have to do is talk dirty to you and get you to send some nudes and that’s it.

They’ve made their money and you’ve been humiliated. If you want to avoid that then all you really have to do is get your sexting from a different site altogether. If you want real action, then start trading real pics with ladies at This is a site where women go to have a good time and nothing else. They love to sext and they never pass up a chance to do it.

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You’ll always know that you’re doing it with the real deal and you’ll get proof of it anytime you want. You can call the girls on the phone or cam with them whenever you feel like it. That’s how you’ll know that you’re not being scammed by a catfish.