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Are There Any Important Questions To Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Are you someone who has been subject to a critical motorcycle where you have sustained injuries due to the fault of another party? If answered yes, you are probably thinking of the prospect of working with a motorcycle accident attorney. All you want to ensure is receiving compensation for your injuries so that you can recoup your losses and damage.

As there are numerous motorcycle accident attorneys who are waiting to help you with your personal injury claim, it is extremely necessary to choose a reputable and credible lawyer. Are you aware of the questions that you need to ask a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas before hiring him? If not, here is a list that you should consider. 

Question #1: Is your practice limited to motorcycle personal injury or do you practice other cases as well?

Though it is true that there is nothing bad about being a jack of all trades as most attorneys are capable of handling various areas of law including motorcycles. However, you need to test the ability of the prospective lawyer to determine the value of your injury claim and investigate the case. He should have enough experience in handling cases that are similar to yours and should also be knowledgeable about the prevalent laws in your state.

Question #2: Do you belong to any legal organizations related to personal injury?

There are trial lawyer organizations and active membership bar associations that assist lawyers in staying in their definite areas of law. Any personal injury attorney should be active in his state Bar Association or other national associations that deal with personal injury law and trial advocacy. Belonging to such organizations is definitely a good sign of the fact that the Attorney is putting his efforts into remaining updated.

Question #3: How many cases did you handle that are similar to mine?

You must be aware of the fact that most personal injury claims are settled outside Court. According to a study done by the Federal government, it was found that only 4% of civil cases that arise out of vehicle accidents ever go to trial. There are a few law firms and attorneys who prefer settling cases outside court in order to avoid wasting time and unnecessary expenses. This is why it is important for a client to check whether or not the prospective lawyer has enough experience in settling cases similar to yours.

Question #4: Are you going to handle my case?

You might get an idea that the lawyer you are speaking with in your first consultation is going to handle your case till the end. But this is not always the case. there are some law firms that assign paralegals and other associates to handle different aspects of a motorcycle accident personal injury lawsuit. Hence it is better to be sure about who is going to handle your case before you agree to pay him his fees.

Now that you are well-versed in the important questions that you need to ask a lawyer before hiring him, make sure you throw these questions at the right time so that you can make an informed and measured decision.