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Advanced Dog Training - Teach Your Dog Some Advanced Tricks

Learning new tricks with your dog may be a fun bonding experience for both of you. Adding tricks to your dog's repertoire will not only help him become more physically fit and active, but it will also teach him obedience and patience.

Inthis article we will help you out in advance dog training over some more complex commands and tricks that you and your dog can demonstrate to your family and acquaintances.


It will be simple to train your dog to crawl along the ground if he already knows the fundamental down / lie down command.

Give your dog the down command first. Allow your dog to scent an appealing goodie while slowly bringing it forward, coaxing it to move forward while remaining in the down posture.

Do this a several times while giving him the reward in your hand and using the command word "crawl." After a few more tries, try just using the command word and just giving him the treat once he has successfully crawled on the ground.

Training is an important component of welcoming a dog into the original location, and assisting them in adjusting to life with you.


Watching your dog leap over objects and obstacles is awe-inspiring. Ask your veterinarian if jumping is safe for your dog's joints before you start teaching him to leap. Before attempting to teach your dog this trick, take into account his age and health.

Begin with teaching your dog to sit and stay in that position. Place a stick in front of him and make him watch you go across it to the other side before calling your dog. Say "jump" as soon as he crosses the stick, then praise him and give him a treat.

Repeat the exercise a few times more, gradually increasing the distance between the stick and the floor. Continue practicing until your dog understands and responds to the command word.


Your dog is far more intelligent than you think! You may teach him to recall and learn the names of objects, and then instruct him to bring the item to you.

Begin by asking for your dog's paw, just like you would a handshake. Then, on your palm, lay the object you want him to remember and invite him to touch it. Say the object's name and give him a treat whenever he touches it. Repeat this process until he can touch the object simply by speaking its name.

Place the object on the ground and watch your dog pick it up with his mouth. Say "Bring, (object name)" and instruct your dog to come up to you each time he succeeds. Repeat as necessary, rewarding your dog with a treat after each successful attempt.


It is easier to teach your dog how to catch stuff.

Solicit a sitting position from your dog. Toss the nice treat to him from a short distance. If your dog doesn't catch the treat the first time, take it away right away and try again. Repeat this process until your dog understands that he won't be able to eat the treat unless he catches it in mid–air.

Say the command word "catch," praise your dog, and give him another treat if your dog successfully catches the treat. You might also try to widen the gap between you and him by allowing him to collect other soft objects like a squishy ball.