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A Unique Sympathy Gift For Eternity.

Sympathy Gift

Dealing with the passing of a loved one can be a painful experience. The pain is even worse if the bereaved had a very close relationship with the deceased. But as a friend of the bereaved, there is much you can do to offer them love and support in such trying times. One way to do that is to offer them a sympathy gift.

Offering a gift is an act synonymous with celebrating a memorable act or achievement but not so much for an experience that is causing grief. However, sympathy gifts are much more common than you know, and people who receive them do so with a  lot of appreciation because such gifts have sentimental value.

If you have a friend or significant other who is grieving the passing of their father, mother, brother, or sister, offering them a gift that celebrates the life of the dead is something they will appreciate.

But what kind of sympathy gifts can you possibly offer to a person who is grieving, aside from flowers and a card?

Honor their life by naming a star after them.

A new trend that’s gradually becoming popular today is the naming of stars. Naming a star in the honor of the deceaseed helps those they leave behind to capture their memories.

Most people believe their loved one has gone to heaven; and as you already know, heaven is star-ward. The idea of making stars in their honor can be reassuring and comforting at the same time, therefore.

Here are reasons why naming a star is one of the best sympathy gifts you can give to a grieving person.

Helps With Heartbreak

The living associate death with pain. When our loved one dies in an accident or illness, we feel their loss even more because we think they are still feeling the pain where ever they may be now. For us, death can be a bad thing, but for them. Stars, on the other hand, bring about hope and illumination. When you make a star in their honor, the act can be quite comforting for those left behind.

Keeps Their Memory Alive

Stars keep the memories of the dead alive, which can be a good feeling. Stars live for millions of years before they die, and having a star named after a departed parent or friend twinkling brightly in the night sky is one way to keep their memory alive. Although they are truly dead, their memory remains alive; each time their loved ones see a star named after them, it’s a good feeling.

Sentimental Value

Above all, naming a star is a great sympathy gift idea because of how it is done. You may choose to make the same after the deceased, which could be their real name or nickname. You also have a certificate issued to that effect bearing the same date of birth. This is a gift with sentimental value that will not go out of fashion. Whoever you give the certificate to will appreciate the kind act and help them deal with their grief.

It Speaks When Words Fail

Naming a star is a gift that will keep speaking when words fail. You don’t have to comfort them; just offer a kind gesture and watch how their heart warms up to the gift. This type of sympathy gift also comes with a text card where the recipient can enter a direct message that reminds them of their loved one. Moreover, this singular gesture will strengthen the bond you have with them since they will know that you have them in your prayers; always.

The Best Gift You Can Give

Naming a star in honor of the dead is probably the best sentimental gift you can ever give to someone who is mourning. You reassure and comfort them here on earth while the star guides and inspires them from heaven. Regardless of your faith, ethnicity or race, you can name a star using the services of online interactive star registers.

The register has an account, and the recipient can log in to see where the star is at any time. You can offer this gift to anyone who may have lost a:

  • Spouse
  • Parent
  • Grandparent
  • Dear friend
  • Sibling
  • Child

As long as they share a close connection with the deceased and are struggling with the loss, naming a star is one of the best gifts you can give them during such a trying time. There are different star packages you can choose from such as a Binary Star, Extra Bright Star, or a Standard Star. These packages are priced differently but are quite affordable and available online at Star Register.

Besides the gift text card that comes with the package, you can also add a short message to reassure the recipient of your continuous love and support far and beyond the present.


So if you are thinking of presenting a gift to a close buddy of yours, make sure it is a gift of hope that will be appreciated. Name a star in honor of their departed loved one and watch the star inspire them every time it comes out at night.