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A Simple Guide To Buying Wax Melts – How To Choose The Ones For You

If you are in to making your home smell great, then you are probably used to things like Wax Melts, Candles or other types of home fragrance solutions, but with so many on the market, so many brands, types, smells and quality ranges, it can be really hard to know which ones to choose and who to spend your hard-earned money with.

Whilst wax melts are relatively new in terms of popularity, the pandemic saw a huge increase in the amount of people making them, from the people at home producing melts to order, through to new companies that produce thousands of them every day, everyone was loving wax melts and the market really started to cater for this demand. So much so, there is now a huge supply of people and businesses selling wax melts, which also adds to more confusion when it comes who to buy with and from.

Here are a few things you can consider before buying wax melts.

Type – There are wax melts covering every single fragrance you could imagine, from ones that smell like your favorite perfume or aftershave through to fruit cocktails that remind you of your holiday abroad last year. Most people tend to have a range of favorites that they are generally always going to go for, whether that’s perfume, clean and fresh, fruit and food or amber and musk, so try to work out what is good for you and then narrow down your search accordingly.

Quality – The main issue with so many wax melt providers is that there is a huge difference in quality, from the cheaper options that might only last a few hours, through to the more expensive options that often last a couple of days. Going for the cheapest is not always the right thing to do, as you might feel that you are getting value for money, but the burn time and the burn quality can often be lower than when compared to some of the more luxury wax melts on the market.

Range – When you get addicted to wax melts, which you will, you want to make sure that when you find your perfect brand they have enough wax melts for you to work your way through, as there is nothing more exciting than trying new ranges, fragrances and products, so it’s worth looking for a company that has a good range that you can look forward to trying and that add more products for you to enjoy over time.

Availability – We live in a world where we want things now, so make sure that when you order your wax melts you are not going to have to wait weeks for them to be delivered, as some of the smaller businesses make them to order, and these can often take time to make and cure. Always check out delivery times and availability, as you don’t want to get all excited and then have to sit waiting patiently for the box of goodness to turn up.

Price – Don’t always be led by price, as we talk about above, as paying for the cheapest brand can often mean you are getting the worst experience. Like anything, quality really does matter, but especially so when it comes to wax melts else you could end with a badly smelling, poor burning and low-quality wax melt, and this is something no one wants and nor do you. Check out the online reviews of any company before you buy, and if you can, spend a little more as this generally means a better-quality end result.