A Short Guide To Playground Equipment
August 18, 2022

A Short Guide To Playground Equipment

Playgrounds are incredibly beneficial for children because they offer a huge range of learning and developmental opportunities through various types of play. 

To optimise the time children spend in the playground, it makes sense to provide a range of well-made equipment to help them to get as much emotional, physical, social, creative, cognitive and imaginative benefits from their break time. 

If you’re considering investing in some playground equipment and you’re not sure what to buy, this quick guide will help you get an idea of different options to consider: 

Playground Equipment

Playground Towers

Playground towers are large structures that contain a range of different areas of interest, which differ depending on the design. 

Towers usually have at least one elevated space that acts as a bridge between different entry/ exit points. The tower can then include exciting features such as; swings, climbing walls, monkey bars, climbing nets, see-through tunnels and more. 

Lastly, playground towers can also be designed in a way that inspires imaginative play even more by being themed. You can get towers that are made to look like mediaeval forts, pirate ships and other fun designs to further enhance both the aesthetic of the equipment, and the opportunity for imaginative play. 

Climbing Frames

Climbing frames are specifically designed to encourage children to climb, grab, clamber and fully utilise their muscles and bones to make their way around the equipment. 

Simple climbing frames are perfect for brightening up the corner of a compact playground, whereas larger more elaborate designs with nets, slides, bridges and swing tyres, create the perfect central focus for a larger space. 

Playground Markings

Modern playground markings are applied using thermoplastic rather than paint, which means they last many years and don’t fade after periods of extreme weather, or lots of use. They are the perfect way to brighten up any playground, whilst also offering kids tons of inspiration for play. Numerical or alphabet themed playground markings can also help kids with their academic learning too. 

Choose from roadways, colourful characters, common playground games like hopscotch, and even complete court markings. The choice is yours, and you can even have your own colour scheme on the markings too, to create a gorgeous design unique to your school. 

Swing Sets

Going on the swings might seem like a simple bit of playground fun, but it actually packs a real punch when it comes to child development. With as little as a simple metal or wooden swing set, you can help the children in your care get a lot more from their playground sessions. 

Swings help with sensory system development, coordination, mood regulation, fine motor skills development, spatial awareness, rhythm control, balance and core muscle strengthening. 

Swings are also great options for making playground time more accessible. Cradle seats work great for smaller children who are pushed, and flat seats let older children work their own swing. Basket seats allow multiple children to share the swing and socialise, and DDA swing seats make the swing accessible to older children or adults with special needs who are unable to use flat seated swings safely. 

Which Playground Equipment Will You Choose To Enhance Your Outdoor Space? 

If you’d love some help and guidance on which playground equipment to enhance your outdoor space with, speak to a trusted playground equipment provider. Not only will they be able to tell you about the various options available, but they can also help with playground resurfacing, safety considerations, overall design and more. 

With the right high-quality equipment, the children in your care will be enjoying hours of playground learning and fun day after day, season after season.