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A Guide to Root Chakra Symbol and Their Meaning

During your yoga journey, you will come across several symbols, and each one has a deep and distinct meaning. However, the chakras are no exception. These seven energy centres in your body are characterized by seven special symbols, each with concealed meanings.

The symbol of every chakra is composed of various colours and imagery, and each character integrates the meaning of its comparable chakra. This guide is your introduction to the concealed meaning beyond the chakra meaning.

In Sanskrit, the word chakra implies the wheel. The seven chakras symbolic power wheels in your body start at the bottom of your spine. Later it halts at the crown of your head. They are attached to the body, to the mind, and to the mind to the spirit.

Before diving into the chakra symbols, let us discuss issues related to a single element they entirely have in common: the circle. The circle implies a universal representation of continuity. However, the cyclical and the infinite are the nature of energy.

Also, it represents the connection and unity to ourselves and other beings. Each chakra symbol includes the strong circle as a reminder of our link to the divine. Also, the root chakra is considered a symbol of wisdom.


Muladhara refers to the root chakra situated at the base of your spine, and it is entirely regarding grounding. The square in the root chakra represents stability, rigidity and consists of foundational energy. It offers a stable organization for the chakra system to rest on.

The up-turned triangle is the alchemical triangle for the earth. Also, it is a reminder of the grounded energy of Muladhara. The Muladhara symbol's four petals represent the four mind-states originating in this chakra: intellect, mind, ego, and consciousness.


Svadhishthana is considered your sacral chakra or your central creativity. The circles that link with the flower petals represent the cyclical nature of death. Also, it represents birth, as well as rebirth. The digressive processes also build a crescent moon shape, which is a perfect reminder of the links between the phase of the moon and creativity.


Manipura implies your solar plexus chakra. It is directly affecting your confidence. This symbol is composed of the ten petals connecting it to the ten pranas in your system. Also, they are for simplicity, forms of air energy manipulation. So they have five Upa pranas and five Pranas.

The upside-down triangle in the symbol represents the energy of the bottom three chakras.Its saturated and energetically spreads up to the higher chakras. Thus, it would be best to think of it as an upside-down funnel of energy power.


Anahata is considered a symbol of wisdom and Heart Chakra. Also, it is fueling your compassion towards yourself and others. Besides, it is a particular Chakra since it connects your three higher Chakras and your base Chakras. Also, it is represented by the two triangles in the middle of the symbols. In addition, the downward and upward female and male energies merging to build that six-point star shape.

Finally, it is vital to acknowledge that there are various translations of Chakras symbols. However, this article contains one of those translations. Therefore, it is essential to check the meaning of any symbol you see and relate to how they apply to your practice.