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A Guide to Powder Coated Metal Gates

Installing a metal gate can help improve the appearance of your property and also improve your home’s security. Metal gates are not only sturdy. They are also stylish. In fact, metal gates can outperform aluminum and wooden gates because they are durable.

It is easy to choose a gate installation company and choose an ideal metal gate design for your home. It is, however, not easy to pick the best finish for your metal gate.

There are two main types of finishes for metal gates, which are powder and paint. There are both pros and cons of powder and paint finish. However, many companies recommend powder coating your metal gate.

What Is Powder Coating?

It involves applying a decorative and protective finish to a metal gate in either a residential or industrial setting. You will just spray a fine plastic powder on your wrought-iron metal. You will, however, need to mix the plastic powder with a mixture of finely ground pigment and resins. When you spray the powder on your metal gate, it becomes charged with an electric charge to fuse to the surface of your metal gate.

You will need to bake the parts, which you need to spray, in an oven at high temperatures. Baking these parts help to melt the powder and create a beautiful and uniform finish. You can also choose paint coated metal gates because they have a similar look. You will just spray the iron with paint. It is even easy to spray a metal gate with paint. You will, however, sacrifice the many benefits of powder coated metal gates. Find out the powder coating cost at Gate and Automation Direct.

What Are the Advantages of Powder Coating?

Paint coating and powder coating can leave your metal gates with similar finishes. Do not, however, just focus on the aesthetic benefits. Here are the top benefits of powder coated metal gates: 

They Are Long-Lasting

If you want your finish to last for a long time, you should powder coat your metal gate. The paint coating is not weather-resistant. Powder coating, on the other hand, is weather-resistant. According to experts, proper maintenance of powder coated metal gates can extend their lifespan to 20 or more years. In fact, your metal gate will be resistant to corrosion. That is why your metal gate will last for a long time.

Unfortunately, some outside factors can still reduce the lifespan of your powder coated metal gate. Powder coating can, however, last longer than paint coating.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

You will use both plastic and pigments for powder coating. Luckily, there are no pollutants in those plastic and pigments. They do not even contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Powder coating is good for the environment because it is non-toxic. In fact, powder coated metal gates are ideal for the food service industry.

There are, however, VOCs and heavy metals in the paint coating. The paint coating is, therefore, bad for the environment and even for your health. The materials may not get into the air. But by-products of paint can seep into the soil and nearby water supply to cause hazardous effects.

They Are Affordable

It is affordable to powder coat metal gates because you do not need so much material. The paint coating is expensive because it needs more materials. In addition, proper maintenance of your powder coating can reduce your maintenance costs. Powder coating is, therefore, much cheaper over the long term.

These are the top reasons why so many people choose powder coating over paint coating. In fact, manufacturers and metal gates installation companies prefer powder coating. If you have not chosen a finish for your metal gate or you need to re-apply a new finish to your metal gate, you should try powder coating.