Best Boxes
May 21, 2024

A Guide to Finding the Best Boxes, Mailers, and Wholesale Suppliers

In a sprawling metropolis, the sheer number of options can be both a blessing and a curse. When it comes to sourcing shipping supplies, you'll find everything from big-box office retailers to specialty packaging stores tucked away in industrial areas. The local UPS Store might get you out of a jam when you need to ship a last-minute birthday gift, but if you're running an online business or frequently send out packages, their limited selection and retail pricing won't cut it.

Thinking beyond the big box stores is the key to both finding the right supplies for your needs and saving money in the long run.

Best Boxes

What Type of Shipping Boxes Do You Need?

The humble cardboard box isn't quite as humble as it once was. If you're a business shipping products regularly, understanding the different types of shipping boxes can optimize both protection and cost. Corrugated cardboard, with its signature wavy inner layer, is the workhorse of the shipping world. Its sturdy construction can handle heavier items and offers decent protection against punctures. Chipboard, however, is thinner and better suited for lighter items like clothing or documents.

Even within corrugated cardboard, there are different grades and thicknesses. If you're sending heavy items or shipping in the rough winters, a sturdy double-walled box provides better protection than a single-walled one. Oddly shaped items might necessitate custom box solutions.

Where you source your shipping boxes Chicago depends on your needs. Local packing and shipping stores offer a more limited selection, but the ability to physically see and compare boxes can be valuable. For bulk orders, online retailers tend to offer more competitive prices and a wider variety, but you won't have that tactile experience until the boxes arrive.

Poly Mailers – Versatile and Cost-Effective

When it comes to lightweight and non-fragile items, wholesale poly mailers present an excellent alternative to traditional boxes. These durable plastic envelopes are perfect for shipping items like clothing, accessories, or even books. Their flexible nature and lightweight construction often translate to lower shipping costs compared to bulkier boxes.

The real cost-saving magic of poly mailers comes when you buy them in bulk. Wholesale poly mailers are available from numerous online retailers and can significantly reduce your packaging expenses, especially if you're running an online store or shipping items regularly.

While the vast selection of wholesale poly mailers online is tempting, don't overlook potential local sources in your area. Some packaging supply companies might carry a limited variety of poly mailers, and the ability to see them in person and assess their quality before committing to a large order can be invaluable.

Finding a Shipping Box Distributor

When your business relies on shipping, finding a good supplier is key. But did you know there's a difference between a retailer and a distributor? While both sell you boxes, a shipping box distributor specializes in larger quantities at wholesale prices. This means significant savings per unit, crucial for keeping your overhead low. Beyond cost, distributors offer a broader selection of box sizes, styles, and materials than your typical office supply store. Need a double-walled box for heavy items? Or perhaps a sleek, custom-printed box that reinforces your brand? Distributors often have these options readily available.

For businesses, some distributors offer the additional convenience of delivery service. If you're ordering a pallet of boxes, this is a huge advantage – no need to rent a truck or worry about transporting bulky supplies yourself. This frees up your time and resources to focus on growing your business.

Going Green with Your Shipping

As environmental awareness grows, consumers are increasingly seeking out brands that prioritize sustainability. This extends to the packaging your products arrive in. Today's eco-conscious shoppers expect to see minimal waste, recycled materials, and even compostable options.

Thankfully, the world of wholesale shipping supplies has evolved to meet this demand. Wholesale poly mailers are no longer just made from virgin plastic. Many suppliers now offer mailers crafted from recycled content or even biodegradable materials that break down naturally. While it may take a bit more effort to source these eco-friendly alternatives, doing so not only benefits the planet, but also sets your brand apart from the competition.

Consumers are increasingly willing to pay a premium for products from companies that share their commitment to environmental responsibility. Showcasing your dedication to sustainability through your packaging choices can strengthen customer loyalty and enhance your brand's reputation.

Conclusion: It's About More Than Just Boxes

In the world of ecommerce and shipping, it's easy to view boxes and mailers as an afterthought, a mere necessity to get your product to the customer. However, choosing the right packaging is a strategic decision that can significantly impact your bottom line. Damaged goods due to inadequate protection lead to unhappy customers and costly returns. Overspending on shipping due to oversized or inefficient packaging eats into your profits. These are problems that can be easily avoided with a little bit of research and planning.

Thankfully, there are resources available to help you navigate the packaging supplies. Beyond the obvious big-box retailers, take the time to explore local packaging supply companies. These businesses often offer a more comprehensive selection, personalized service, and bulk discounts that can save you money.

It's also wise to consult your city or municipality's website. They almost always have a dedicated section outlining local regulations regarding waste disposal and recycling. Knowing the rules ensures you're making responsible choices about the materials you use and how you dispose of them. This proactive approach not only demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, but also helps you avoid potential fines or penalties.