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8 Ways to Celebrate Your Furry Friend's Birthday

Your dog’s birthday only comes once a year, so why not have some fun with it? They might not be able to wrap their doggie brains around the concept of a birthday celebration, but they’ll have no objections to a celebration in their honor.

And unlike birthday celebrations for people, you don’t need to spend loads of cash on fancy dinners, drinks, presents, and other obligations. Instead, you can throw a birthday bash for your dog on the cheap and bring some friends along.

Let’s talk about eight ways to celebrate your furry friend’s birthday and make it one to remember.

Celebrate Your Furry Friend's Birthday

1. Quality Time Together

Set aside all expectations for a second and remember the most important thing on your dog’s special day: being with you, the pet parent of the year!

Do your best to carve out a few extra hours to dedicate to your dog on this day, even if it means skipping the gym or pushing back errands to tomorrow.

At the very least, you should explore a new trail or park and meet up with some doggie friends to keep that tail wagging nonstop.

2. A Special Meal or Snack

Ditch the dry, boring kibble for a day, will you? Dogs eat the same thing for every meal, so we can’t blame them for getting bored. However, when their birthday rolls around, it won’t hurt to mix things up with a meal that meets the occasion, creating something unique and healthy.

Beef and rice is a favorite that they won’t forget, and it takes you five minutes to make. Throw them a few extra treats throughout the day or even scrap or two from the table.

As long as you avoid unhealthy or dangerous foods for dogs, you’re in the clear, and they’ll be overjoyed.

3. Get Them Squeaky Clean

Who doesn’t love a good spa session? You can send your dog in for a grooming appointment or take care of business at home in the bathtub or sink. Luckily, you can easily find plenty of salons for professional pet grooming in Edmonton and the surrounding area. So if you live nearby, your pup will surely get a wonderful spa experience.

Your dog will be nice and clean for their special day, and you have some extra bonding time to enjoy. But, of course, save the grooming for after you get home from the park and have that doggie playdate.

4. Throw a Doggie Party

Every good celebration needs some company in the mix, so send out those invitations ASAP.

You don’t have to have all the dogs in the neighborhood over to your place, just arrange a meetup at the park and let everyone know about the birthday bash.

There’s nothing that dogs love more than socializing, whether it’s with old friends or new acquaintances. So make sure you organize some interaction and allow for more playtime than usual.

5. Birthday Outfits for All

There are so many outfits for dogs out there, covering all breeds and sizes. So if you’re hesitant to put some clothes on your furry friend, this is the perfect time to try out some styles!

Maybe your pup isn’t too happy about wearing a sweater or little boots, so a bandana or unique collar will do the trick for their birthday outfit.

Don’t forget to put on your favorite paws shirt for this momentous occasion, featuring your favorite doggie themes and artwork. Then, take things to the next level by matching colors and going all out.

6. Play Some Classic Games

You can’t go wrong with a classic game of fetch, but try setting up an obstacle course for their birthday or doing something out of the box. Tug of war is another favorite, and if your dog is big and strong, it might be a good arm workout for you as well!

Go to the beach and play around in the sand or water. Most dogs love to swim, so this is an incredible experience.

7. Unwrap a Present

A birthday event isn’t complete without a present or two waiting to be unwrapped. But, of course, it doesn’t need to be elaborate - maybe just a chew toy or a bag of tasty treats.

Dogs somehow know when a gift is meant for them, and they love the challenge of unwrapping the secret with their teeth! It’s fun for everyone and worth taking a video or some pics.

8. Movie Night on the Couch

You better not leave your doggie home alone on their birthday! So move your plans aside and set up for a chilled-out evening at home, whether watching a movie or a show you can both enjoy.

Get extra comfy with a blanket, some pillows, and snacks. A few pieces of (unseasoned) popcorn are also safe for dogs.

Have a Blast for Your Dog’s Birthday

Your dog shows you love year-round, so step it up on their birthday with a memorable celebration. These tips will get you started, and there’s always more to enjoy.