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July 15, 2021

8 Things to Consider When Building Your Home from Scratch

If you’re considering building your own home from scratch, you probably expect it to be a long and expensive process. Although it can get complicated, it is absolutely worth doing if you want to build your dream property!

As long as you don't skip any corners, and you do your research, you will have your home up and ready in no time. Here are eight things you need to take into consideration when you decide to build your home from scratch.

1. The Plot

Of course, one of the key components of building your dream house is the plot you choose. The location of your home makes a huge difference, so picking the right area is important. You don’t want to spend the time and money building an incredible property, only to regret the specific location you chose.

Study a number of areas either in person or on Google Maps. There are also companies that have experts that specialize in helping people find the right plots for their home construction.

Be aware that prices can vary massively depending on the size and location of the plot. Make sure to do your research to see whether you can build on an area of land before you buy it too.

2. The Architecture and Infrastructure

Using a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system will make this process much easier. Local businesses that specialize in BIM in Utah will use professional tools and expertise to efficiently plan, design, and construct the infrastructure of your new home.

By ensuring the architecture of your building is planned and constructed correctly, you can avoid issues further down the line. Investing in the right BIM company early on enables you to identify issues early on, and will save you money fixing things in the long run.

3. Your Budget

Building a house from scratch is never going to be cheap, but there are certainly ways in which you can minimize your costs. Before you even begin the designing process, sit down and map out your budget. How much money do you have to dedicate to this project?

See a quantity surveyor Brisbane to help you calculate construction costs, additionally they can provide a tax depreciation schedule to increase your tax return for the build. Each of these factors will affect what you can build with your budget.

  • Hiring designers, architects, and builders
  • Surveys that will need to be done to ensure the house is safe
  • Internal fixtures, electrical wiring, and plumbing
  • Furniture and interior design

Always be sure to set aside around 10-20% of your total budget for contingency plans. This can be used to cover unexpected costs that pop up along the way.

4. Your Timeline

Another significant factor to take into consideration when you set out to build your own home is your timeline. When do you want your project to be completed? How long can you wait until you move into your new home?

Your contractor will be able to give you a vague timeline, but remember that every contingency can affect your schedule. If one thing goes wrong, it could delay your whole project.

5. Hiring the Right People

Even if you’re building your home from scratch all by yourself, you’re going to need to hire contractors to help with the design and construction of the property. Contact companies early on in the project so they can guide you through the process. You can call and seek free advice from FraserCon for your construction plan. You will also need them to help with gaining planning permission before you can go ahead.

Research for high-quality, trustworthy contractors as you will be working closely with them for the duration of the project. Arrange consultations with them and look at their previous client’s testimonials before paying any deposits. Compare the prices of multiple contractors to make sure you’re not getting ripped off!

6. Your Future

If you and your partner plan to have children in the future, think about this when designing the layout of your future home. Even if it feels like a lifetime away right now, the arrival of children can completely change your needs for space and storage. Another thing to consider is existing or future pets that you plan on getting. If you want to get several huge dogs, you’re going to need more open space and room for their beds and dishes in your home. You may also need to create a larger garden so they can run around and play together.

7. Storage Space

When it comes to designing your new home, you need to think about the amount of storage space you will need, and in which rooms to place your storage cabinets. It’s the worst when your architect spends time completing the layout and design of your rooms, only for you to realize there is nowhere near enough space for your belongings. This not only delays the start of your project, but it also adds to your costs as you’re paying the architect for their time.

Do you have a lot of clothes? If so, you might need many large wardrobes. If you are a keen cook, you may need extra kitchen cupboards to store your cooking equipment. Take these things into account before you sit down with your contractors.

8. Your Garden

If you enjoy sitting out in the sun or hosting BBQs for the whole family to enjoy, think about the size and design of your future garden. When you buy a plot, you need to allocate space to your home and any garden space you desire.

Maybe you want to include a patio to keep your BBQ on. Maybe you want to leave a large open space for your children or pets to play on. If you want to include a garden shed or summer house, let your designers know and they will work with you to create the garden of your dreams. 

Building your own home from scratch can be a stressful process, but consider all of the factors above, and it should make the job much simpler.