8 Reasons to Try THC Infused Sparkling Water
June 07, 2022

8 Reasons to Try THC Infused Sparkling Water

Today, there are a variety of products on the market that allow users to smoke, vape, eat, or even drink THC. However, there is one product that may be the perfect option for consumption that could even rival alcoholic beverages. Here are eight reasons to try sparkling water infused with THC as an alternative to the various other methods available.

1. It is Refreshing

Sparkling water is a very refreshing option, especially hot and stressful days. The light flavor and the bubbles provide a refreshing bounce with every sip. When drinking THC infused sparkling water, not only do individuals get that refreshing bounce, but they also get the added bonus of THC in a light, fruity medium.

2. Everyone Needs More Water

Many people drink a lot of sugary, caffeinated drinks throughout their day. Even alcoholic beverages are filled with lots of calories and very little benefit to the consumer. People, in general, do not drink enough water throughout the day.

Although THC-infused sparkling waters are not a good substitute for drinking more water, they are a great option for consuming fewer sugary drinks. These sparkling waters come in a variety of fruity flavors with a small amount of Delta 8 THC infused in every sip.

3. It is Legal

Hemp is legal throughout the U.S. As long as the Delta 8 THC is derived completely from the hemp plant, its use is legal federally and in most U.S. states. Individuals do not have to reside in a marijuana-legal state to enjoy these light and fun beverages. However, state laws do change regularly and it is important that individuals keep up with their local laws.

Although Delta 8 THC is completely legal, it has not been properly tested by the FDA for safety. It is important that users with certain conditions, especially those with heart and blood pressure issues, speak with their doctor before using this product.

4. No Hangover

The THC-infused sparkling waters are a great alternative to alcoholic beverages. They provide an uplifting and euphoric feeling that is comparable to alcohol. The main difference is that these infused beverages do not give users a hangover in the morning like those experienced after consuming too much alcohol.

5. Safer than Smoking THC

Many people enjoy smoking their THC products. However, smoking can create a lot of health risks for the user. Anytime burnt materials enter the lungs, it could be hazardous. Even vaping can be harmful to the sensitive tissues of the lungs. Choosing to consume THC, especially in a beverage, can prevent any potential damage to the lungs.

6. Low-Calorie Beverage

With less than three calories per serving, the infused sparkling waters are a great choice to reduce stress without interfering with the consumer's diet. In addition to being a low-calorie beverage, these drinks are also Non-GMO, gluten-free, sulfite-free, and contain no artificial sweeteners.

7. Feel the Effects in as Little as One Serving

With 25 mg of Delta 8 THC per serving, consumers can feel the euphoric effects of this drink after the first serving. This makes it the perfect option for unwinding after a long day or getting out and enjoying the night with friends.

8. Tastes Good

Probably the best reason for trying a THC-infused sparkling water is the taste. Any fan of sparkling water is going to enjoy these lightly flavored waters. Watermelon, blood orange, and southern berry are just a few of the flavors consumers can choose. So, enjoy the night and drink responsibly.