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8 Benefits to Advertising with a Mural

Have you been debating creating a mural ad for your company but are not sure if it will be beneficial? Read on to discover eight benefits to advertising with a mural.

Advertising with a Mural

Mural Advertising: What Is It?

When someone thinks about out-of-home advertising (OOH), they typically think of billboards or large signs in and around shopping centers. This is because those are the most popular forms of OOH ads. While these ads do a great job of reaching the masses with target information, there is one problem. There are a lot of billboards in this world.

If you are looking for a billboard style of advertising but fear a billboard will just fade into the background, you can grab more attention with mural advertising. Murals are similar to billboards but come with a wide range of benefits that could do just the trick.

Here are eight benefits to advertising with a mural.

1. They Are Placed in Densely Populated Areas

Much like regular billboards, murals are placed in highly populated areas. The only difference is that they are only placed in highly populated areas. You can often find them on the sides of buildings in walkable art districts, downtown plazas, and local neighborhoods. The amount of foot traffic in these areas speaks for itself when it comes to ad placement.

2. They Capture Attention Easily

In addition to being strategically placed in areas with a high volume of foot traffic, murals are created to draw attention. When a building is a canvas, artists can make massive pieces of art that could not possibly go unnoticed. Additionally, if the artist is good, the piece itself is likely to be gorgeous and draw attention just because of its intrigue.

3. They Show Your Cultural Relevance

People like to support businesses that support their local community and take part in the surrounding culture. Murals are a great way to show your community that you are involved. This is especially true if you commission a local artist to do the piece. Not only is it a great thing to do, but it will bring positive attention your way.

4. They Are Worth Every Penny

Because murals are often massive and placed on large buildings in popular areas of cities, they can get fairly pricey. Depending on the property owner, size, design, and other varying factors, you can expect to pay anywhere between 13,000 and 50,000 dollars during the placement of your mural ad.

5. The Create Buzz Around Your Brand

The attention span of the greater public is dwindling every day, making strong advertisements more and more important. Due to the sheer influx of ads, marketing campaigns have to be bigger, better, more interesting, and more clever than ever before.

Murals are the perfect platform for accomplishing this. Because they are placed in highly populated areas, they draw attention and spark conversation. The importance of buzz cannot be overstated.

6. They Create Free Social Media Advertising

Murals located in areas where people walk are great social media tools. Getting the artist to place a hashtag on one of the bottom corners of the design will encourage picture taking and social media sharing. The more people who take pictures in front of your mural, the more free social media advertising you get!

7. They Can Go Up Quickly

Dealing with the city and property owner can be quick or lengthy. It really depends on how efficient they are. However, once you have gotten past that initial hump, artists typically work fast and can have the mural up for you in a matter of weeks. 

8. It Can Show That You Support Local Art

The arts culture of every city is often tight-knit and supportive of each other. Music acts often frequent each other's shows, artists gather to talk about art in galleries, and poets like to write and share in coffee shops. It is all often founded on the need for community and support. Without each other, there is no arts scene. As a business, showing support and love for this type of community can go a long way.

Varying Rules and Regulations

Now that you know many of the benefits that can come from a well-placed mural ad, there are a few logistical things you should be aware of.

For most states, mural ads are completely legal. However, some states like Vermont categorize them as billboards, which are not legal.

For all other states, rules and regulations surrounding murals vary by city. So, it is critical to do your research and find out what you can and cannot do before starting this journey.

The Takeaway

Murals placed in easily walkable and highly populated areas are a great way to create awareness for your brand while supporting the local arts and community. So, talk to your city, commission an artist, and enjoy your mural advertisement!