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7 Simple Ways to Personalise Your Car

Your car is a super personal space, and it’s natural for you to want it to reflect your own style and who you are as a person. Luckily, there are loads of different ways that this can be done!

Whether you want to give your car a totally new look, or just add a few personal touches to make it your own, we’ve gathered a few ideas on how exactly you can do so.

A Paint Job

Nothing feels fresher than a paint job on your car. You might want to go for simple touch-ups to fix up the damage and get your ride feeling brand new again, but if you really want to make it personal, you could look into some interesting colours.

A car in a unique colour really makes a statement on the road, and don’t forget that the body isn’t the only part of your car that you can touch up and personalise. For example, check out your options for caliper paint if you want your wheels looking sharp, rather than being ruined by corroded brake capilers lurking from behind them.

Keep in mind that keeping the paint job and cosmetics looking fresh will also make your car easier to sell in the future.

Wrap It Up

Another way to totally transform the look of your ride is to wrap it. You can vinyl wrap your car with any colour, pattern or texture your heart desires and even change this up regularly if you’re a person who likes change.

Vinyl wrapping is relatively affordable, as well as a safe way to personalise your vehicle since the wrapping should cause no damage to the paint job underneath. Talking to a designer to help you pick out the perfect wrapping for your car will allow you to make it truly unique and true to your own style.

Steering Wheel Cover

There are also smaller, more simple and more affordable ways to personalise your car. These include small additions and changes you can make, like purchasing a steering wheel cover.

Not only will this protect the material of your steering wheel from sun damage and wear and tear, but it can also look amazing and give your car more personality.

You could opt for something sleek and luxurious like a leather cover, something flashy with fake crystals embedded in it, or something cute and feminine in a colour you love. This is a cheap and fun way to add something interesting to your car’s look.

Personalised License Plate

While personalised license plates – or vanity plates – can be a little pricey, they really do make a statement, and you can be sure you’ll never have to look too hard for your car in a parking lot again!

If you have a cool nickname that you’d love to show off or a sports team or band that you’re obsessed with, consider how you can incorporate them into your license plate to make a bold statement with your ride.

Decorate the Interior

If you don’t want to go all-out by changing something drastic on the body of your car, you could simply decorate the interior with whatever you please.

You could hang deodorisers from your rearview mirror for a fresh scent, or any other charm that means something to you. You could also decorate your dashboard with bobbleheads or special items.

If you’re up for spending a little more money and effort, replacing the carpets and reupholstering your seats could be a great option for someone who wants a more luxurious feel in their car, especially if your upholstery is looking a little worse for wear.

Bumper Stickers

Yet another way to add that special touch to your car without spending too much money is to use bumper stickers. These are available just about anywhere with any quote or image you could dream of – certain companies will even design and create personalised bumper stickers for you if you want something specific.

Rather than just pasting any sticker on your car, be sure to purchase proper bumper stickers, since these are designed to withstand the elements a little better and will also come off your car easily should you want to remove them.

Sound System

If you’re someone who takes their music seriously, you might want to consider swapping out the original speakers with newer, better quality ones to amplify your listening experience on the road. Subwoofers are another great idea for someone who wants serious sound and will be well worth the price, especially if you travel often.