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7 Norse Inspired Jewelries That are Truly Timeless

At least once, you must have come across the coarse metal-like pieces of jewelry with eccentric patterns, either on someone or in a shop. To enlighten you, these are one of the most popular historical-themed ornaments, Norse mythology-inspired or simply called Viking jewelry. There are many mentions of the Vikings wearing things made of precious metal or even stones and gems. So here, we bring to you the 7 most popular Viking jewelry of all time which have managed to look original to date.

1. Engraved Rings

Vikings men and women, both wore rings. While their rings were made from precious metals, like gold and animal bones, Norse-inspired rings seeped into fashion, season after season. Hence, the aesthetic and uneven-looking metal rings engraved with runes are a craze among admirers. You can even find symbols like Helm of Awe, Drakkar Ship, Valknut and Vegvisir, that represent Norse, engraved or shaped onto the rings.

2. Predated Era Pendants

If you know Thor's hammer, you'd be surprised to know that the little Mjolnir pendants are Nordic jewelry, since he was a thunder God in Norse mythology. You can find silver and bronze pendants with wolf sculptures, ravens and other rune scripture engraved on them. Such are the Norse inspired jewelry that people love now.

3. Viking Bracelets

Viking men wore bracelets more often than not. And the rough yet generic designs of the Nordic origins inspire people irrespective of the era. The most popular designs are the leather bracelets beaded with Viking art engraved beads, like the Mammen or Urnes. The Viking or Mjolnir miniature charm bracelets are also loved thoroughly.

4. God Inspired Buckles

While the Vikings didn't really have the concept of fancy belt buckles, in the current era it is quite a style statement. Some of the Viking belts found in Gokstad and Birka have given way to more sophisticated buckle designs like the interlocked embossed knots, engraved Scandinavian motifs inspired by the warrior Valhalla and mythological gods like Odin and Thor.

5. Sovereign Arm rings

While the Vikings wore arm rings as a display of social status and for trade purposes, it didn't just stop there. A lot of people who like adorning some quirky jewelry with their outfits also love to try out these Norse-inspired arm rings usually made out of steel, iron or brass metals, to give them that ancient and authentic feel. The open ends are often molded into shapes of a bear, wolf, Huginn and Muninn raven or dragon heads. Some arm rings even have the whole ring embossed with Scandinavian runes and arts, like the Oseberg and Jelling.

6. Ornament Necklace

Necklaces, in the Norse era, weren't just an ornament worn by women. They were worn by both genders and were made of a wide variety of materials, like the naturally obtained fibers from animal skin and precious metal threads. Now, they are still very much in trend. The thick necklace cords made of leather with metallic pendants in the shape of goat or bear heads are one of the most popular kinds. Apart from that, the pewter, bronze and sterling silver chains with Mjolnir pendants in different styles are timeless pieces loved by people.

7. Historical Earrings

The Vikings didn't really wear the kind of earrings that you are familiar with in the present era. The concept of earrings for them was something that was worn over the whole of their ear. Historians even believe that earrings weren't of Nordic origin but Slavic, which they forged. But that doesn't deter us from designing modern-day earrings inspired by the Norse culture to compliment the other Viking jewelry. Trewhiddle and Borre style earrings in silver and bronze metals are one such example. Some earrings have Gotland crystal balls attached while some are Mjolnir-shaped. 

The unique, rustic yet powerful sculptures and engravings of this jewelry definitely catch the eyes of the people around you. The beauty of Norse-inspired jewelry is such that it never gets old. Truly timeless pieces! That is all about Viking jewelry. Keep coming back for more curated content.