7 Innovative Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring
May 16, 2022

7 Innovative Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

As the months get warmer, the spring cleaning instinct wired into our brains starts to wake up. It’s become a part of our regular routine, to change things up annually and throw away the clutter of last year. It signals a fresh start after the long days of winter.

But what’s with the sudden need for a home refresh?

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean literally cleaning up your house! It also signals the point in the year when it’s time for a refresh in your mind as well.

Sometimes we can look around our house and realize it’s no longer as exciting or relaxing as it was before. Our homes are a safe haven, and we spend so much time nowadays just staying in the same space. After a while, it can get drab and monotone.

Bringing an extra element of liveliness to your home through spring and summer decor can do wonders for your productivity!

Don’t worry: you can redecorate without leaving your house.

Spending so much time inside the house can take away from the feeling of comfort you automatically get. Sometimes it won’t feel like home anymore, and that’s when you know it’s time for a home refresh!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or effort to successfully pull off a home refresh. You can do it with just the things you have lying around the house. Just a few simple updates like rearranging furniture or bringing out old decor can give your space a refreshing new look.

Read on to find out how you can make your house feel like home again for spring and summer!

How to Refresh Your Home for Spring and Summer

  • Declutter

Let’s cut straight to the point: we all have things that we don’t use in our homes. They could be stored in an attic, left forgotten on a display, or swept under the rugs and furniture.

Clean them up! Having a cluttered house can have more negative effects on your brain than you might expect. Burying your things under all that junk is the main reason why it doesn’t feel like home anymore: you can’t even see anything under it!

Take a couple of minutes each day to look at all your stuff. Throw away or donate a couple of things you don’t use anymore. You’ll feel much better about yourself, and your home will look a lot more organized.

Who knows? Maybe while you’re decluttering, you might find a few pieces of spring and summer decor you’ve forgotten about. You can use them as “new” pieces in your home refresh to give it a different look.

  • Plan your space

Rearrange your furniture! This is an easy way to give your home a completely different look without changing things too much.

Try to look into space planning. It’s the way you optimize the arrangement of your furniture in the space that’s available. Of course, it still has to keep elements of you! Add a personal touch through spring and summer decor to make it feel like home.

By planning your space with care, you can create a home that is both beautiful and functional.

  • Add a touch of nature

Here’s a groundbreaking concept: flowers are popular spring and summer decor.

For your new home refresh, embrace nature! It’s always comforting to have an element of natural beauty in your home. Whether it’s bringing in fresh flowers like pink roses or planting a new shrub, your home will look a lot better with a touch of greenery.

This swirl green vase by Julie & Ev has an eye-catching design that’s sure to freshen up your living room. Place some flowers or leafy branches in it! It’s a classic piece of spring and summer decor that levels up your whole space.

  • Make a statement wall

Walls are a blank canvas, literally. Make your home look more interesting with an exciting statement wall!

This is a great way to start a home refresh without sacrificing a lot of space. Statement walls are simple upgrades you can do that will make your house look a lot more dynamic.

Try painting over a fun pattern or a simple, contrasting color over the whole wall. Pair them with artwork, posters, or your favorite books on a shelf. Make it uniquely you.

You could also try hanging up a unique centerpiece that will catch anyone’s attention. These Versailles sunburst mirrors have all the bright elements of spring and summer you need!

  • Upgrade your windows

Spring/summer is all about taking in the sunlight! After months of winter, warmth is something we’ve all been craving. Letting in a little bit of vitamin D is all you need to make your house feel like home once again.

Windows act as a kind of frame for your surroundings. Put up new curtains and rearrange the furniture around it to switch things up! You could even put a cozy sofa or chair under it, for days when you want to lounge in the sunlight.

  • Add pillows and blankets

Your home is essentially the one space purely designed for your comfort. So make it comfortable!

Add a few decorative throw pillows to your living room, to instantly uplift the space. Bonus points if they're in vibrant colors. They’ll stand out when you walk into the room. Just by looking at them, you’ll immediately improve your mood. 

Mix and match with blankets, rugs, and other fun, decorative pieces. Don’t be afraid to go for it and experiment!

  • Try a new rug

Some interior designers would say that rugs are what ties the whole room together. They can brighten up the whole space and imply a sense of comfort. They add unique visuals and texture to an otherwise plain floor.

These simple upgrades will surely make your life easier for spring and summer. Try to experiment with what works, and makes you happy at the same time. Applying these small changes can transform your home into a beautiful safe space curated by you and just for you!

A minimalist home refresh after decluttering and rearranging furniture.


Swirl green vase by Julie & Ev


Versailles Sunburst Mirror by Worlds Away, curated by Julie & Ev.

Alt text: Versailles Sunburst Mirror by Worlds Away, curated by Julie & Ev.