7 Cool Wooden Toys for Toddlers and Kids
July 12, 2021

7 Cool Wooden Toys for Toddlers and Kids

Wooden toys have been seemingly lost in the plastic-hungry world. Most of the customized toys are made of plastics because of their apparent longer durability and comparatively low costs.

Unfortunately, not all plastics are long-lasting and have significant negative consequences on the planet because of non-biodegradability. Therefore shifting to wooden toys is a safer option for the environment and the children because it would help them bond to nature. 

Wondering about buying some wooden toys for your bustling toddler but do not know what to buy? Well, here is a list of some of the wooden toys that might keep your toddler engaged:-

Electric Glowing Guitar

Music stimulates all sorts of areas in the brain that ignite motor skills and intellectual development. Exposure to various sounds advances their ability to react to them and understand their meanings.

The strings and colorful keys incorporated on the guitar enable them to create the music of whim as your toddler desires. The sturdy and beautifully laid wooden surface is a captivating enigma indeed. There are also buttons mimicking a real guitar to adjust the volume and spin several music notes.  And who knows, this might be the skill they pursue in the future as well!

Sandpits with Wooden Cover

Playing in the sandpit nurtures the growth of the child in positive ways. It makes the kid tactile and social as they interact with other kids and develops their motor skills.

Several sandpit boxes are available with various features and a vast play area: Mighty Sandpit with tubes to hold water, Large Sandpit, Boat Sandpit in the streamlined shape, Play Sandpit with a blue canopy, and water holding tubes.

Rock a Wooden See-Saw

A see-saw involves the balance and coordination of two people on both sides. When children interact and coordinate to attain the balance on the see-saw mutually, it grows their companionship, management, and social skills by improving the kid's concentration.

The 'Rocka Wooden' See Saw's sturdy timber can hold the little missiles for longer durations and allows 360-degree turnarounds with higher arc capabilities. 

Twizzler Swing

Swinging induces the same enjoyment as the reveries to fly high in the sky. It is also a form of activity that is beneficial for the brain. It teaches them coordinative motor and interactive skills. The safe Twizzler Swing designed for the toddlers offers the thrill to their young spirits by allowing them to swing, twirl and dangle wide like the chirping birds in the wilderness.

Rocking Horse

Anyone struggling with a restless and a missile of energy should opt for a wooden rocking horse that is as enthusiastic as the toddler. The Rocking Horse toy is a means of physical activity for the child as all their energy can be vested here. It allows them to become aware of their surroundings because keeping a balance on the horse by being upright and continuing moving develops their intellect.


The Trapeze relies on the benefits of deploying upper body strength, stability, and active functioning of the mind to keep the acrobatic style coordinated and encourage motor strength.

The Trapeze is attached with a wooden and set of metal swings to characterize the circus toy. It is safe to use and allows the thrill-seekers to attempt their joyous stunts frivolously.

Multi-Activity Cube

The cubes are used primarily in the early development stages of the toddler. In the primary stage, the rawness of the child is shaped by the spatial, coordinative, and motor skills that develop.

There might be nine colorful blocks and even gears, all of them interwoven like an eye-catching maze to enhance the problem-solving skills of the toddler.

You may also have a look at the new arrivals and the cubby houses online. These wooden houses are customized for a realistic play experience for toddlers and kids. They come over various types: Cottage Cubby Houses, Elevated Cubby Houses, and Toddler Play Houses. Cubby House Accessories are available as well in case you wish to retrofit or personalize your toddler's house.

Here are some ideas for next time you go toy shopping for your toddler. Stay away from the toxic plastic options, and buying from local wood toymakers is also a viable and noble option.