7 Benefits of Dog Insurance for Your Pup
June 08, 2022

7 Benefits of Dog Insurance for Your Pup

For years, dog owners have been without insurance, facing the costly consequences when things don’t go according to plan. Everything from accidents to unexpected illnesses can happen to dogs, even those with the most responsible owners.

Most dog parents will view insurance as one of those “no-brainer” additions, but for others, it’s not so obvious. It’s not out of neglect - they just don’t know the facts!

Let’s breeze through seven benefits of dog insurance for your pup - and yourself - so you can lock in the best policy sooner than later.

Dog Insurance for Your Pup

1. Accident and Illness Coverage

The core benefit of dog insurance should be clear from the term itself.

These are policies that cover the cost of care should your dog suffer an injury or fall ill at some point down the road. From costly surgical procedures to basic medicinal needs, dog insurance will protect your pocketbook in one of these unfortunate scenarios.

Is it likely that your dog will need a super-expensive visit to the vet? Not necessarily, but that’s why it’s called insurance! A doggie insurance policy gives you that extra peace of mind and protection so that you won’t need to dip into savings or debt to ensure your dog’s well-being.

2. More Wellness Coverage Options

While not all providers offer this feature, many companies give you the option to add wellness coverage for your dog, in addition to the basic illness an injury coverage.

With this add-on, you can save cash on everyday health needs for you dog, including basics like flea medication, annual check-ups, teeth cleanings, and other preventive treatments as your dog ages.

This is another level of insurance that you may not need at first, but could provie useful in the long run

3. Find the Best Vet for Your Dog

The rules surrounding dog insurance are not as strict and confusing as health insurance for humans. One of the best benefits is the ability to select a veterinarian that suits your specifications, which isn’t always the case in the insurance world.

This is great news for dog parents who don’t want their options limited by geography or scheduling. Smart selection can lead to shorter wait times and fewer inconveniences in general.

When you can pick the vet you want, the power is in your hands, ensuring the best treatment for your dog every time.

4. Simple Reimbursement Process

Let’s say you finish up at the vet after a procedure and you’re stuck with a sizeable bill at the end. Rather than paying directly out of pocket, digital reimbursement processes allow you to cover the cost with minimal wait times and full transparency.

This might come as a surprise to anyone who has navigated the typical health insurance gauntlet, but things are far more simplified in the world of doggie insurance.

5. Budget Clarity and Assurance

Pet owners are willing to spend more than ever on things like spa treatments, toys, clothes, and premium food for their dogs. Still, there are thousands of owners who don’t even consider insurance, even though this should be a top priority!

The key here is clarity, knowing exactly how much you have to pay monthly for your dog’s protection, and avoiding the problems that come with big, unexpected payments. It’s not just being responsible as a pet parent, but also the smart move from a money standpoint.

6. Personalized Policies (No Waste)

Dog insurance policies are more customizable than ever, giving you the necessary level of coverage while eliminating excess costs. This is the waste-free approach to insurance that just makes logical sense and saves you money.

Even better, you can lock in better monthly premiums early on if you plan ahead and enroll your pup when they’re young. This will save you from paying more as your dog grows older and needs coverage the most.

In your research you’ll quickly discover the subtle yet important differences between policies and providers, so learn these nuances and use them to your advantage.

The market is competitive, and your business should be earned! Review all your options before committing and don’t jump to conclusions.

7. The Best Care for Your Dog

The most fundamental benefit of dog insurance is this: it’s just the right thing to do for your dog. Consider the cost/benefit analysis - and the low monthly price - it’s clear why more owners than ever are coming to their senses about dog insurance.

This is a reminder that responsible ownership is more than just buying organic dog food and going for daily walks. You need all your bases covered to ensure complete care and give your dog the best life possible.

Don’t Wait On Getting Dog Insurance

As mentioned, it’s best to enroll in dog insurance sooner than later for the best deals long term. With the benefits more obvious than ever, don’t wait another day.