6 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online
November 09, 2021

6 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

Just like purchasing from a physical retail store or shopping mall, you should still be mindful of your budget when planning to shop online. You can write a list of items that you intend to buy and compare it with how much money you can spend. By doing so, you can shop more wisely and find the best deals.

Shopping online has definitely taken the load off of consumers' shoulders. You can now browse a brand's offerings with just a few clicks of a button rather than going aisle to aisle to find the products you need.

Additionally, you can look for sales and discounts, such as this Sivvi UAE promo code, to get the most bang for your buck. To have more savings, here are a few ways to save money when shopping online:

6 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

1. Be On The Lookout For Freebies

Look for e-commerce websites that offer discounts on products and free shipping services once you make a purchase. If you're lucky, you can find a website that sends free samples of their new products and have them delivered to your doorstep at no extra cost. 

However, not all websites can offer free shipping. It depends on various factors, including local regulations on imported and exported goods. As such, read about an online merchant's delivery terms on their FAQs page or send them a message directly on their social media profiles.

2. Compare Prices

It's good to research the products you want to purchase before finalizing the transaction. Ask the merchant about product specifications to avoid buying items that won't cater to your needs or serve their purpose. For instance, with measurements, a shoe tagged as size 11 in Asia might be smaller than footwear with the same size in the West.

Check the prices on those products from different websites and weigh your options. You don't want to spend money on low-quality items. 

6 Ways To Save Money When Shopping Online

3. Sign Up For Loyalty Apps

Some brands might also create their own apps where they give exclusive discounts and promos. You can avail of these offerings by downloading the app and turning on the notifications.

This way, you can be the first to know if your favorite clothing brand is having a sale. You can also look for dedicated sites to find specific vouchers, like vogacloset coupon code UAE, to help you save more money.

4. Leverage Cashbacks

Take advantage of cashback from e-commerce websites that allow credit card purchases. They are valuable deals that can save you from unnecessary spending when shopping online. Moreover, they can work along with coupon codes, which often have an expiry date.

Cashback programs operate in the same way as coupon codes. They allow you to purchase the items you need at a lower cost, so you get more bang for your buck. 

5. Use Your Calendar

Seasonal items, such as winter clothes, would be more expensive in the colder months rather than in summer. With lower demand in the hotter months for this particular product, you can time your purchases and plan ahead so that you can buy them when they're most likely on sale and save money.

Mark shopping dates, sales, and online expos on your calendar and learn when the best deals are coming up. You can budget and save money when the time is right.

For instance, Black Friday runs in November and allows people to get deals on selected products. Soon after that, the festive season begins, and online shops sell products to make way for New Year's celebration. You have to keep up with the campaigns on various online shopping websites.

There are times in the year where big sales are available and also most sites like ShipTheDeal.com offer coupons.

6. Find Direct Suppliers

If you're planning to buy products in bulk, you can save more money when you reach out to the product manufacturers. They also have online shopping outlets that allow you to purchase directly from the source. By so doing, you're reducing additional costs that might come from third-party retailers.


Before making any payment when shopping online, make a list of items and research what you intend to buy. Look for free items or products that are on offer and compare prices to cut back on unnecessary expenses.

In addition, you can sign up for customer loyalty products and take advantage of promotional coupons or cashback available online. They can come in handy when e-commerce websites are having a sale on various occasions on given products.