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6 Ways to Know You Work in a Hostile Environment

If you ever suspect there is something off at your workplace, chances are that several employees feel the workplace is hostile. Though all jobs have a certain extent of stress, the situation becomes wanting if you feel depressed or ill due to work. These signs show that your workplace is a toxic environment.

In this regard, there are several ways to know when your workplace turns hostile. If you find out that you work in a toxic environment, you should act as fast as possible. A hostile work environment can affect your physical and mental health.

1. Sexual and Racial Harassment

This is the most common sign of a hostile workplace. Some people make vulgar and stereotypical comments on someone based on their race or gender. If your place of work has reportedly had alarming complaints on racial and sexual harassment cases, the level of hostility is likely to go higher.

2.Increased Ridiculing and Victimization

Jokes and pranks are normal in the office since most colleagues form friendship bonds. However, if the jokes leave you more embarrassed and frustrated over time, it raises concerns about workplace hostility.

You know you work in a hostile environment where colleagues target others for public humiliation. Some hostile environments would go a long way to set online platforms in WhatsApp or Facebook to ridicule a colleague.

3. Many Complaints and Threats

Complaints are a significant characteristic of a hostile working environment. In such an environment, supervisors issue job termination and punishment threats or often talk of severe punishment all the time. Also, listen to personal employee experiences in casual discussions as it will help you understand different character traits amongst employees and their seniors.

4. Inner Feeling

At times, we have a confident attitude or feeling about an environment, and it is mostly the correct judgment. Judging a general sense you have towards your place of work will help you know if you work in a hostile environment.

People who speak to each other disrespectfully may heighten this feeling. Some colleagues thrive in violence; some will sabotage and slander others.

5. Aggressive Staff

You definitely know you work in a hostile environment is the staff, supervisor to employees or amongst employees, yell at each other. Unprofessional actions, like the boss yelling at junior staff, are indicators of an unhealthy workplace. Employees in this place are likely to be afraid of their seniors.

There is a low likelihood of teamwork in such an organization. Team members are either afraid or victimized, and they may never raise concerns due to fear of termination.

6. Workplace Discrimination

Some employers reject job applications for people above 40 years since they do not respect the aged. Others eliminate females or people from certain regions. In such a workplace, people who are not part of the preferred group may experience exclusion and rejection.

To Sum Up

Discrimination is illegal in most countries, and the law demands that people work free from bias. As different things unfold day in day out, a hostile working environment is highly likely to make you hate your job, affecting productivity.

So, if you are caught up in a hostile work environment, seek legal advice. Every employee has a right to a safe work environment.