6 Types of Office Space and What They Provide
August 30, 2021

6 Types of Office Space and What They Provide

Navigating any office move is hard, but it’s even more difficult when you have to decide what type of office space your business needs. 

What type of office spaces are out there? And what can they provide you as the business owner, and of course your employees who’ll be joining you in the big move? 

It can get rather confusing to know what’s right for you. There’s probably endless questions running through your mind to ensure you make the best decision. So let’s break it down for you. Here’s the 6 most common office spaces and their pros. Let’s begin.

1. Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are managed offices, usually with a supportive on-site team. For example, there may be a manned secretary reception, an in-house tech team, or 24/hr security. These offices are essentially looked after for you and give you the time back that you might spend on admin duties yourself. This is the best option for businesses that need the extra support. 

2. Private Offices

Private offices are the traditional option of office space and still remain one of the most popular choices. They will provide you with the security and confidentiality that you need if you’re a business owner who values privacy. Usually private offices are lockable rooms or spaces within a shared building, and best of all, they come in all shapes and sizes, depending on how many employees you have. 

3. Coworking Spaces

A lot of businesses turn their noses up at coworking spaces, but the truth is, there’s lots of huge pros to coworking spaces. Usually coworking spaces are used for hotdesking and hiring the number of desks you need, but you can also hire out specific rooms in coworking offices. This is the perfect choice for social businesses that want to grasp the opportunities of networking with fellow businesses. It’s also a super cost effective option, and a lot of coworking spaces are ultra-modern with well-equipped breakout rooms and relaxing terraces too.

4. Incubators

Incubators are the office space for you if you’re a small start up of budding entrepreneurs full of bright ideas. So what are incubators? Well, they’re essentially shared offices that are specially built for specific industry sectors. That way you have the opportunity to work around like-minded businesses who also need similar resources, machines, and equipment to you. 

5. Virtual Offices

Virtual offices have certainly boomed in the last couple of years since the start of COVID-19. With offices having to adapt to the changes of remote working, virtual offices have massively increased in popularity. They essentially give you all the services and assistance as a serviced office, such as an official business address or reception duties, but just without the physical space.

6. Sublet Offices

Sublet offices have also grown in popularity recently, simply because they offer a fully-functioning and fully-useable office space, but just without the commitment. A lot of businesses just don’t want to commit long term amongst the current uncertainty. Thankfully, subletting an office gives you the freedom and independence of office space but with a flexible contract instead.