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November 02, 2021

6 Tips For Choosing a Buyers Agent

6 Tips For Choosing a Buyers Agent

Buyer’s Agent can do wonders for your property search and purchase. They can help you save thousands on the purchase price of a property. They can also help you get access to off-market properties you would never find advertised online. But today there’s one problem you may find when getting a Buyers Agent. You need to choose the right one. 

If you’ve never used a Buyers Agent Melbourne expert before then let’s give you some helpful advice. Here we’ll break down seven tips that can help you find the right Buyers Agent for your next property purchase. Use these tips to help guide you along the way to find the perfect professional for your needs. 

Make sure you’re actually paying your Buyers Agent

You know that feeling when you think something is too good to be true? Well, buyer advocacy services are the same. Nobody works for free in real estate; especially not an agent! In Australia you legally cannot accept money from both buyers and sellers during negotiations (by law). If someone offers their client as payment or incentive- don't do it because this person isn’t working with YOU -- they're only on behalf of YOUR opponent--the seller. Even if there were some way around paying up front costs like investigative reports etc., these people shouldn’t be trusted with your next property purchase. When it comes to selling their houses, real estate agents thinks homeowners should have more options and a better experience. Select what you require with Yuma real estate agent.

Some Buyers agents will charge a percentage of the purchase price for their fees

When it comes to real estate, the best advice we can give is this: you get what you pay for. In other words – when an agent charges more for their services and properties in general tend towards higher costs because owners know that they'll receive better service due to a motivation based on greed instead of just doing work out duty then there's definitely something fishy going on with these people . Make sure your find someone who agrees fix fees upfront regardless if its how much money which client has available at any given time or not!

Are they properly licensed by the Business Licensing Authority (BLA)?

All real estate agents (including buyer advocates) must be licensed. Make sure you are engaging with a fully licenced agent that has completed an appropriate real estate course so your licence doesn't get suspended or revoked, and if they're not - report them immediately! A name check is available on each state's BLA website for when it comes to getting in compliance; however even then there may still be some that go unnoticed due the amount of people who try their luck at becoming unlicensed this way by using various fake names online before striking up conversations as someone else while simultaneously promoting themselves which includes putting ads up around neighbourhoods specifically targeting buyers whose properties have already been sold.

Don’t sign up with an agent that tries to restrict your property search

Some agents only recommend buying within 5 – 10km of the CBD (very convenient for those offices that are centrally located). Others will tell you to buy an apartment or townhouse because they say downsizing is best, but this can be a risky move as prices may increase and it usually doesn't suit everyone’s investment goals. Your advocate should think outside-the square; we all have different needs when purchasing property so every situation must be assessed individually!

Don’t be afraid to check testimonials

When you're looking for a buyer agent, it pays to know what kind of service they offer. You should ask about their experience and see if any client feedback speaks highly or negatively about them. People who have dealt with the agent directly will always be more reliable when it comes to finding out how a Buyers Agents Melbourne expert really operates with their service. So do as much background research as you can before committing to a Buyers Agent.

Trust the agent you’re working with

If you have not worked with a particular Buyers Agents Melbourne expert before, then it’s best to complete your own due diligence concerning the information that has been given to you. Do not feel rushed into making a decision. Be sure about what it is exactly that each property offers because buyer advocates are there only as an assistance during this process of buying or selling homes while helping out potential homeowners with their search from start-to-finish. Buyers Agents Melbourne specialists should also ask you if you need any more help in terms of checking properties.