6 Mind Stimulating Games to Improve Your Memory
November 06, 2020

6 Mind Stimulating Games to Improve Your Memory

Just like physical exercise is essential to maintain your physical health, it requires mental stimulation to avoid cognitive issues and any brain deterioration. There are many activities that help in stimulating the mind, along with improving memory and cognitive functions. 

The activities mentioned below are not just for mental exercise, but are also fun to play with your family and friends.

1. Word Games:

Word games such as scrabble is a fun way to engage your mind. You can download word game app on your phone or play the board game with your friends and family. Crossword that come in newspaper is also a fun game to play every day. Do not choose a tough puzzle that you may get bored with. Start from something simple which will help in improving your vocabulary.

A free word descrambler is a fantastic tool for anyone who loves playing Scrabble or other word games that require a strong vocabulary and sharp memory. This tool helps players unscramble jumbled letters and form valid words that score high points in Scrabble. As players try to unscramble words, their brains are stimulated, and their memory is strengthened. The more they play and use their minds to come up with solutions, the better their memory becomes.

2. Puzzles

Puzzles such as Sudoku is good to polish your logical and analytical mind. It is not just engaging but also gives a feeling of achievement when you finish it. 

3. Quests:

There are several games that take you on a quest to either search for a final trophy or to escape from a situation. One such game that can be played at home with a set of friends is Dugeon and Dragons.

The fun part is, if you are looking for something fun to do in a group, solving quest is an extremely entertaining activity. Escape rooms are quite popular nowadays and you can always find one by searching 'Things to do near me' on your search engine. Solving puzzles physically to escape from the room is an activity which nothing can beat. Some of The Best Escape Rooms require quick thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. This makes it an excellent mental exercise for individuals of all ages.

4. Board Games:

Board games may sound simple, and many of these games may not really need much of thinking, but an activity in a group always activates different emotions in mind, which is much better than sitting idle. After all, socializing is a great way to keep your mind more active.

5. Card Games:

Many popular card games like Poker and Solitaire stimulates the logical part of your brain. These games also need you to problem solve as well as retain memory of the cards seen, which means it gives your brain a complete workout.

6. Strategy Games:

Strategy games such as chess need you to think of the moves beforehand in order to win the game. It requires extreme attention and concentration, which helps in preventing Alzheimer's or dementia.

It is also known to improve your decision-making skill. In fact, gaming apps such as Homescapes, Gardenscapes and Candy Crush also need you to logically think of the moves much ahead to finish off the level. This activity requires you to use several parts of your brain and make it sharper.

Games are a great way not to just keep your mind engaged, but many of them need you to use your hands as well, improving hand-eye concentration. Seniors are encouraged to play these games, which not just helps them slow down mental deterioration but also improve their memory. Remember, the more you challenge your mind, it only gets more exercise and grows stronger.

6 Mind Stimulating Games to Improve Your Memory