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5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable

Wedding day is all about celebrating your love with your beloved and family. But there is always another thing to be taken care of is the party. Planning an epic party allows many phases, and every minute thing has to be taken care of. Although it depends upon the individuals how they want to make their wedding memorable. Here is the list of things that you should do to make your wedding unique:

Wedding Jewellery:

Thinking of weddings allows people to think about rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Some people love wearing jewellery while others like to keep it minimal. In every case, jewellery is a part of any wedding scene. Nowadays, everyone looks for personalized jewellery. There are many metals like Diamond, white gold, silver,  etc. available in the market to help people in designing their jewellery. It entirely depends upon the people's taste, what they want to wear and what their budget is. Depending upon the same, the couple can look to shortlist the jewellery for their wedding.

Weddings and engagement rings are pretty important, and people invest a lot of time in selecting the jewellery couples always wanted. Always look for a credible jeweller as the wedding jewellery is worn for years. Look for one of the professional jewellers to help you find engagement rings in Melbourne.

Plan for serving an interactive and unique menu:

Food is something that is remembered for a long time, only if it is served right. Therefore, food should be the priority for the wedding planning process. While having a conversation with the caterer, look for creating a unique menu for your loved ones. For example, if you love to eat tacos, consider serving them at the entree and making a taco station to reach out to the place in the middle of the ceremonies. 

Always look for wedding favours for your guest they will use:

From cheap sunglasses to almonds, wedding favours arrive in a lot of variety, but unless you know what you want or are clever, most of the time you see they are never used or forgotten or lie in homes as a waste.

If you plan to spend your hard-earned money on guest favours during rehearsal dinner, memorabilia, etc., do look for something that your guest can't use in their regular usage. Still, they are keeping it to recall a wonderful occasion they have once visited. On looking at the wedding favour, they should remember the celebration, good time, love and friendships. Look for something practical or reusable as a wedding favour.

You can offer options like Personalized coffee mugs, cups, wine glasses, purses, etc. Undoubtedly it is a great way to feel appreciated for sharing your big day and keeping memories alive for many more years to come.

Feature fun activities and takeaways:

It is not at all acceptable if your guest is having a downtime at the wedding. Ensure that your guests are never bored and have fun throughout their stay in the marriage. It is pretty simple to start with the guestbooks to sign for a puzzle piece on the doorstep. Activities and welcome gifts will keep them occupied and smiling all night.

Activities are essential to plan for the guests. Games like Giant Jenga, poker table or Bean bags are some of the best methods to defend the downtime in your wedding. In addition, interactive photo experiences and photo booths are a hit at wedding ceremonies. People are ready to wait in line, and the fun props attached are great. Guests do love snapping candid pictures and love to collect memories of your big day.

Plan a mesmerizing exit:

Exiting from the evening gracefully will ensure that the night has ended on a high note. It can be one of the lost songs you have chosen to play or a send-off; always make sure you exit in style. Exits will flower petals, paper planes, sprinkles, and confetti, becoming one of the essential items to toss. If you do not want a grand entrance, then choose your favourite last song to have everyone on the dance floor and hooting hooray before the night finally ends.

A wedding is a memorable day in anyone's life. People spend months preparing and planning for the special day. This includes organising wedding suits, ceremony and reception decor, food and drinks to wedding invitations. Don't forget to invite your loved one to cheer your joyous day. The above-stated tips you can consider while planning to ensure you make it memorable for everybody.