5 Tips on How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer
November 14, 2022

5 Tips on How to Make Your Vape Coils Last Longer

Are you in trouble with the coil of your device? When you take proper precautionary measures for coils you can protect them right away. This blog then gives you detailed information about it. E-cig comprises a battery, e-liquid tank, mouthpiece, coil, and a wick. Fluid within a vape is termed “e-liquid or vape juice”. A battery is integrated to supply a current to a coil; a coil evaporates the e-liquid and then converts it into vapours. When you follow the following steps you will be able to protect your vape coils from wear and tear.

Tips To Make Vape Coil Safe:

As mentioned above, a coil of a vape has significant importance. It heats the e-juice within a device and converts it into a vapour to inhale and enjoy its flavour. So, in this blog, some tips are given below to follow for making your e-cig coil long-lasting.

1. Pick A Good Quality Coil:

It will enrich your vaping experience and be good for you to choose an excellent quality coil for your device. A clear fact is that a good quality coil may be expensive, but they have a long lifespan. Therefore, purchasing a bit more expensive is better for a good quality coil. Many good quality brands are available in the market; among them, Smok Coils, GeekVape, Voopoo Coils etc., are the top brands to choose from for a vape coil.

2. Premium E-Liquid:

Picking up a high-quality e-liquid is crucial because it depends on the lifespan of a coil. E-liquid consists of PG, VG, nicotine, and flavours. PG is thinner than VG, so its high concentration makes e-liquid thin and evaporates quickly, which results in a higher chance of vape coil burn. So, try to choose a standard concentration of components of PG/VG for e-liquid, which is 50/50.

3. Try To Choose Less Sweetened: 

An important thing to notice is that excessive sweetener in flavours causes coil burn. Many sweeteners for flavours, like candy, cola, etc. hit the palate in a coil could pose a damage threat to your coils. These sweet flavours have a compound named “sucralose”, which does not easily vaporise when burned but is stuck with the coil as a residual. The gunk can be avoided through choosing less sweeteners in some flavours. In this way, your coil longevity is affected in return.

4. Clean The Vape Coil Often:

For the durability of a coil, you need to clean it at regular intervals if you vape for a long time. When you vape, some particles of e-juice are left over a wick, which makes your wick dirty; a wick becomes less potent to absorb the e-liquid, which makes a coil burnt. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you only need to clean the coil of your device and up keep your device more often.

5. Prime A Coil Properly:

Priming the coil is another important factor affecting your coil's longevity. If you don’t prime a coil before use, you burn a coil.  The reason is that a wick is completely dry when you install a new coil; you need to wait patiently until a wick becomes wet. Thus, to avoid the burning of a coil, it is recommended that you give a complete time to prime a coil.  A thoroughly soaked wick could make the supply of ejuice easier when it receives heat.


The above discussed are some precautions for you to follow, which will help you to make your vape coil work for a long time. These tips include: choosing a good-quality coil, premium quality e-liquid, avoiding the often use of sweet flavours, regularly cleaning a coil, and priming it accurately. These recommendations will help your coil from burning and make it work smoothly in the long run.