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5 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

We have to admit, pressure washers are a super efficient way to clean any dirty surface, they just blast any dirt and grime away in meager seconds, and once you’ve tried one there is no going back. 

However, in some cases that efficiency can come at a cost when you attempt to pressure wash some things. 

You should not be pressure washing some surfaces, and if you use it in ways and on things you shouldn't, you can end up wondering why your pressure washer won’t build pressure. So, to save you needless trouble, let’s take a look at what you shouldn’t be pressure washing! 

Consider What Shouldn’t Be Pressure Washed

You should not be pressure washing everything that has a moderately dirty surface. For example, you should not be using a pressure washer on yourself, your family, or your pets. In fact if you do pressure wash a pet it is considered to be animal cruelty, as it causes harm. 

You need to think about what can and can not be pressure washed without causing significant damage in one way or another. 

But that is why we are here., we will let you in on everything you need to know about these top 5 things you shouldn’t be pressure washing. (Don’t forget please don’t use it on people or animals!)

#1. Plants

Much like how we should not be using pressure washers on ourselves, other people, or animals, we should also not use a pressure washer on our plants either. 

If you have a beautiful garden, and you need to use a pressure washer, use it in a direction facing away from the plants. Why? Well, the amount of water, and the force with which it comes out can be damaging to the plants, ripping off leaves and kill plants, trees, and bushes! 

Not to mention that no air of caution around how you use it could easily over saturate soil and drown any plants as well! 

So, if you do need to use a pressure washer near plants, practice utmost caution around doing so! 

#2. Bicycles

You should never use a pressure washer on a bicycle either, even if it is caked in mud, just use a normal hose! 

Bicycles have a plethora of moving parts which a pressure washer that is chucking out a strong stream of water could alter, it can also damage the paint, or the protective coating on it. 

So, all that money you spent on that beautiful bike would, quite literally, go down the drain! 

Just use a normal hose, or a sponge and cloth, depending on how dirty it is. If It's filthy, chuck a bucket of water on there if you have to and sponge it down gently! 

#3. Roofs & Shingles

The roof is a part of the house that is susceptible to getting pretty stinky, and they do need cleaning every now and again. Yet, it is not the safest practice to be using a pressure washer. 

Why? Well, you are using a powerful piece of equipment while elevated! 

It can risk that the tiles will break and crack, as you are walking on them anyway, and the pressure from the pressure washer can cause the shingles to break down as well. 

Just get a professional in! 

#4. Anything Electrical

We shouldn’t have to say it, but we are going to, anyway. Do not pressure wash, or wash at all for that matter, anything with electricity! Water plus electricity equals fire, shocks and more. 

If you have an electrical panel at home, keep your pressure washer far away from it, even if it seems well-coated. Your pressure washers panel can easily be ripped apart from your pressure washer, so never use a pressure washer on or near it! 

Just keep such a heavy stream of water far, far away from anything electrical in your home, or outside of it! 

#5. Vehicles

You might think your car is one thing you can use a pressure washer on, you would be wrong. It can cause dents and chips in the surface. Oh, and it also makes your car more prone to rusting too! 

If you do need to use a pressure washer on your car, make sure that you set it at a low-pressured setting. You could just get it washed professionally, but even the washers at some drive through car washes can be strong enough to cause damage. 

The best way to wash your car… a sponge and bucket!