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5 Things You Need to Know About Tanning Beds

While getting a natural tan outdoors is a top choice for many tanning enthusiasts, it comes with an array of side effects. Owing to it, many people are now opting for indoor tanning solutions like tanning beds. A tanning bed is not only convenient, quick, and affordable but also offers a natural and glowing tan.

Are you planning to try a tanning bed or maybe freshen your knowledge? Do you wonder how it works? Dive right in to learn everything about tanning beds.   

What Are The Things To Know About Tanning Beds?

Tanning beds have transformed the world of indoor tanning by making it quite easy to achieve a smooth and even tan look. Here are five things to know about tanning beds before going for your appointment:

1. What Are Tanning Beds:

A tanning bed or sunbed is a simple device that can help you achieve a natural-looking tan indoors. It emits ultraviolet (UV) radiation like the sun to darken your skin. A typical tanning bed emits around 95% UVA rays and only 5% UVB rays; however, the newer models only produce UVA rays.

There are different types of tanning beds – base beds, stand up beds, and even high-pressure beds. While you need to lie down in the base beds, the stand up beds allow you to get tanned while standing. High-pressure tanning beds have specialized equipment to offer a better tan.

If you’re planning to use a tanning bed regularly, you might even consider investing in one for residential use. Make sure you consider the benefits and costs of a tanning bed before deciding.

2. How Do Tanning Beds Work:

Tanning beds are equipped with bulbs or UV lamps that produce radiation. Each bed has around 10-15 lamps beneath the bed, and each lamp uses 100-200 watts of energy to illuminate. Once it is powered on, the bulbs produce UV radiations consisting of UVA and UVB rays, depending on the bed.

When the radiation reaches your skin, the UVA rays penetrate the epidermis and trigger the cells known as melanocytes. These cells are responsible for producing melanin, which is the brown pigment that causes the tan.

3.  Preparing Your Skin Is Essential:

Before you go to your tanning appointment, it is essential to prep your skin to achieve the best results. If your skin is dirty or dry, the UV radiation might not penetrate your skin.

It is wise to exfoliate or shave your skin a day before the tanning appointment. You must also moisturize your skin to ensure it is hydrated and can soak up the UV radiation to give you a tanned look.

You can also use a tanning lotion to get better results from your tanning session. 

4.  Protection Is Key:

While getting an indoor tan from a sunbed is a safer alternative, it still comes with the risk of skin damage. It becomes imperative to take all preventive measures to minimize the damage and keep yourself safe.

You can apply sunscreen with high SPF all over your skin before you go into the tanning bed. Using a lip balm with SPF will also help protect the delicate skin of lips from damage.

The eyes are also prone to damage in tanning beds. Owing to it, you must wear goggles to cover your eyes and prevent any damage to the cornea.

5. Decide The Time Duration Carefully:

If you want to tan safely, it is imperative to be mindful of the safe tanning limits. You must take into account the skin type and the shade of tan you wish to achieve when deciding the time you should spend in the tanning bed.

Most of the tanning beds come with a preset limit, and you must not exceed them. Doing so might lead to skin burning and even permanent damage in the long run.

Aim to spend only a few minutes per session if you are a beginner. Once you build up a tan, you can even increase the time gradually.

Final Thoughts

Getting smooth and tanned skin is something that most people want but fail to achieve. Tanning beds can be one of the best ways to develop a natural tan without having to spend time outside in the sun or using different products. Now that you know everything about tanning beds, you can schedule your appointment and flaunt your glowing tanned skin!