5 Reasons Why Early To Bed And Early To Rise Is The Solution To Every Problem.
March 15, 2022

5 Reasons Why Early To Bed And Early To Rise Is The Solution To Every Problem.

5 Reasons Why Early To Bed And Early To Rise Is The Solution To Every Problem.


Imagine what you can achieve if you get one or two hours extra every day? Some pending tasks? Or you get daily one hour earlier than scheduled for a month? You get 22 extra hours that month, which almost equals to one more day to the month. I know for some, tapping the snooze button will always sound and feel better – those five extra minutes indeed are the best. But stepping into the game requires real deal and not only a commitment but the consistency to reinstate your commitment every day is a prerequisite. Commitments to your own self to meet some short-term goals to achieve something for a long run.

There was this time that managing my 9-5 job was hardly managed because I used to stay up late and get up tired every single morning. And those Monday mornings would take me three days to gear up for the week when I wasn’t left with much to use. As matter of fact, that affected my productivity. The most interesting fact is, this is not my story only, a majority of us have messed up sleeping patterns which are leading to psychological illness and fragile the immune system.

Ever since I switched to Xfinity TV packages, I never got a chance to watch TV with my family or even in my leisure time. As far as I could recall, I had always been looking for an excuse to catch up on my sleep whenever I got some time. It has been more than 2 years since I started putting my efforts on fixing my sleep schedule and by the time it put everything in order. Sleep is so fundamental that it allowed me to pursue my dreams which I never thought I would be able to until I get retirement.

1. Healthy Lifestyle.

Early to bed and early to rise is not a myth but is backed by science now. Getting 7-8 hours’ sleep is essential for our bodies to be at their full potential and function all day. Thus, a well-rested person performs better because he has a disciplined life. Most of us have sleeping disorders and either someone has anxiety, depression or self-proclaimed insomniac. If you rest well, you won’t have to struggle while getting up in the morning and if you woke up early in the morning, as a result, you will be too tired to stay up and see the sunrise. Adapting a habit is difficult for a few days but once you have it, you will feel healthy and more productive. Everything will be in order, from breakfast to dinner and no indulging in fattening snacks or cravings leading to overeating.

2. Have a Higher Purpose.

A simple sum to make you understand the significance and benefits of early rising – only if you have one extra hour extra per day, you will get 14 hours additional every week and 62 hours by the end of the month. How cool is that? More hours signify that you can multiple tasks and be more productive. On a bigger picture, you can set short term and long term goals for your life and achieve them in a shorter time – giving you a sense of accomplishment for achieving your goals before time.

3. Become Clear With Why You Are Getting Up.

Getting up is like the ignition of the car, the drive starts when you have a to-do list. Take a note-pad and start writing your habits, things you want to learn, tasks, daily chores, books you want to read, etc. Every successful persona and millionaires or literally anyone who is an achiever has a notepad or journal with them where they take notes. Clarity will reduce to remove clutter and allow you to get a motivation for getting up early with enthusiasm. The reason is very important in life, you do more and with your whole heart if you know the meaning why you are doing a certain thing.

4. Allows Managing More Than One Task Only.

As mentioned above too, sleeping and getting up on time allows anyone to adjust more work as compared to someone with a disturbed sleeping schedule and sleep deprived person. An early riser can incorporate more activities than their usual assigned tasks. They can take classes of anything they like, join a gym, volunteer for social work,

5. Secret Ingredient of All Successful People in the World.

It has now reinstated through many research that out of all the habits of successful people of this world including journaling, reading books, healthy eating, optimistic approach, time management, restricted social circles and many others sleeping on schedule and meeting the goal of 7-8 hours’ sleep daily is also one of them. Majority of the successful people get up too early in the morning, even before 4-5 am so they can meditate, do yoga or indulge in any physical activity to stay fit mentally and physically.