5 Most Popular Project Management Tools Of This Year
May 16, 2022

5 Most Popular Project Management Tools Of This Year

When it comes to managing larger groups of people or projects with many moving parts at the same time, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Because of this, there are a range of useful tools available online. 

Project management platforms are an ideal way of keeping track of separate projects, or aspects of the same one. You can also use certain project management platforms to keep track of employees when your team works from multiple locations. 

Because of this, you can optimize productivity, and ensure that everybody understands exactly what is expected from them. Consider the following project management tools that have been highly popular this year. 


Firstly, Asana is a highly popular project management tool which can actually help boost productivity. This is because of the increased emphasis on tracking progress and tasks. You can use this for assigning tasks separately and reviewing employee performance. 

Consider using Asana if your business or project is more time sensitive, and needs to be tracked more closely from start to finish. Additionally, you can use Asana to identify any weak links within your team. This can be done using the search function to see which tasks are ahead of schedule and what each member of a team are doing. 


Another useful tool for keeping track of teams and employees is Monday. This follows a very similar concept to Asana, and it is easy to customize what apps you want to include within Monday. 

This could be a useful feature if you are managing a larger team of employees, or if you find yourself handling multiple customer or client requests on a regular basis. If you are wondering which one is better: Asana or Monday, there is no simple answer. 

It is worth looking into detailed descriptions of each so that you can choose the most appropriate project management tool for you and your team. 


For a cross-platform project management tool, Trello is a great option. You can use Trello with most computers, smartphones, and tablets, and it allows you to manage personal and professional projects in one place. 

The focus of Trello is to divide tasks into smaller sections or chunks, and to create a completely customizable workflow that works for a range of projects. 

This is a great option for projects that have many moving parts to keep track of, as Trello makes it easy to track everything at once. You can also use Trello as a training device to show employees how they can divide tasks up. 


Another popular tool for project management is LiquidPlanner. This is an ideal choice for large scale projects or businesses, or those who want to track employees a little more closely. LiquidPlanner allows you to see how long a certain task has taken to complete, and shows you who is available at any given time to be assigned a new task. 

Consider LiquidPlanner if you want to eventually automate some of these systems, because the goal of this project management tool is to minimize the amount of input needed. 


Finally, Zoho Projects offers a slightly different approach to project management. By using data to create visual illustrations such as Gantt charts and diagrams, you can use Zoho during team meetings, or to show employees how they are expected to progress. 

Zoho can also be used in conjunction with other apps, depending on the kind of project or business you are using this tool for. Employers could integrate timekeeping apps like Slack or platforms for meetings such as Zoom into Zoho. 

This can allow employees to only require one application to be kept open at one time during a regular work day, rather than multiple. 


When you are looking for the most effective use of employee time and ways to monitor this, it is also worth comparing what kind of projects you are taking part in. For example, businesses that deal with customers would be less suitable for certain platforms because of the higher chance of breaching confidentiality. 

Additionally, you may not want to monitor your employees so closely if their tasks are slightly less time sensitive. Make sure you are considering what type of project management tool is best for you when you want to invest in one.

It is also worth noting that all of these tools cost money to subscribe to, and to actually begin using them. If your business is not generating high amounts of income, it could be worth choosing a more affordable option.