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5 Custom Ring Designs For a Perfect Love Marriage

When it comes to the design of your wedding ring, there are several design that you can choose from. One should choose this design carefully because it is going to signify your commitment to your partner and is also one of the most emotionally significant jewellery you will ever possess. It is natural to want your wedding ring to be unique and therefore in spite of the plethora of design available in the market, most people choose to customize their rings to make them truly unique. Here are a few custom ring designs that you can take inspiration from.

Coloured diamond ring

One of the most popular ring design that is used as wedding rings is the solitaire diamond ring. Although the design is fairly simple, you can customize it in various ways by changing the metal of the ring band where you can choose from gold, platinum or a combination of them. You can alter the shape of the solitaire diamond and choose a heart shaped diamond instead of the classic round cut diamond. You can also change the colour of the diamond and the prong setting to make it look different from the others.

Engraved ring

One of the easiest and best ways to create a bespoke engagement ring is to engrave something personal on it. It could be the name of your spouse, the date of your wedding or something else that is personal to you. All you have to do is approach your jeweller and tell them your specifications for engraving and work with the skilled artisans who will engrave your personal message to you. Engraving something personal on the ring truly makes it unique for that message on the ring will be exclusive. Having a limited budget enables you to use Lab grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds.

Multistoned ring

A multi stone ring is one in which there are several stones on the ring. Opting for this design gives you enough opportunities to play with the design and create something truly unique. There are several permutation and combination that can be done when it comes to multi stone ring. You can decide the shape, size, colour, type and setting of each stone on the ring which will result in you creating a ring which is unlike any other.

Finger print ring

The latest trend when it comes to creating custom rings for your partner is the finger print ring. As the name suggests, you get your partners finger print engraved on your ring. As we all know our fingerprint is unique to ourselves and therefore, one cannot possibly create a ring that is this unique. This is the perfect type of a ring for a love marriage.

Signet Ring

Before custom engagement rings made up of Lab grown diamonds became a thing, signet rings were quite popular. These rings have a flat face that give you plenty of opportunities to customize it. You engrave the initials of your spouse or the family name on the face of the ring in order to make it unique.