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5 Advances in Technology That Are Changing Everyday Life

Much of technology is designed to make our lives easier. From steel pans to electric cars, manufacturing and computer processing advancements have made the world vastly different than it was 20 years ago. Even everyday experiences have been touched by the transformative power of tech. Here are five of the most exciting ways that technology has transformed life as we know it.

Artificial Intelligence

A mainstay of science-fiction and futuristic horror, artificial intelligence, or AI, has long been both a dream and a nightmare for mankind. Though the idea that a new consciousness might arise and hold a grudge against its fleshy creators is an interesting one, it’s far more likely that AI will continue to grow in a predictable, and not very lifelike, manner. Even so, its applications in everyday technology have taken some industries in whole new directions.

While you may not find an AI-driven robot cooking your breakfast with steel pans in the kitchen, you’ll encounter the technology being used in very unique ways. Researchers have developed small electronic bees that use AI to pollinate flowers and crops. Computer programs can search through disaster footage and find survivors more quickly than their human counterparts. Panera has even tested an AI to help its drive-through run more efficiently!

Hybrid Cookware

Not all high-tech gadgets are made for performing complex calculations or life-saving endeavors. Some are designed with your stovetop in mind! Nonstick cookware and traditional pots and pans have always been at odds. You aren’t supposed to use metal on nonstick, making it somewhat of a pain, and even keeping hard utensils away won’t keep the fragile nonstick coating in place forever.

Hybrid steel pans change the fragile nature of nonstick in a simple, yet futuristic way. Instead of a flat-bottomed cooking surface, tiny patterns are laser-etched into the pan, creating raised areas and depressions. Nonstick coating fills the depressed sections, while the surrounding surface protects the pan from metal spatulas and spoons. The combination of standard and non-stick surfaces makes for a long-lasting, easily cleaned piece of quality cookware.

3D Printing

Also known as additive manufacturing, has actually been around for quite some time. It’s only the advent of miniaturization that has allowed it to creep into our everyday lives. Using a “printing head” that spits out plastics or metals instead of ink, these machines actually build products from the ground up, placing layer upon layer until the piece is completely finished. 

Now that these machines have found their way into homes, people can print any number of things, including:

  • Planters
  • Repair Parts
  • Measuring Cups
  • Telescopes
  • LED Lamps and Panels

There are even jewelry stores that 3D print rings and bracelets for customers to try on before they make an expensive purchase. While you may not be printing your steel pans, you can certainly make a spatula to cook with! As the technology continues to advance, you may even be able to reprint your lost set of car keys.

Cloud Computing

The amount of data we use and the size of our files has grown exponentially. Pictures, movies, programs, and even games all take up immense storage resources, and most people don’t have the funds or the space to house them all. Cloud computing changed all of that by allowing files to be stored remotely, keeping your data safe but easily accessible. Fires, floods, and other disasters may leave you nothing but some steel pans, but you no longer need to worry about losing critical memories and information tanks to the cloud.

Internet speeds have risen to the point where programs can be run on remote machines, streaming software directly to home computers and tablets. Gaming consoles can be run virtually, allowing gamers to play triple-A titles from an inexpensive device instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for high-end tech. A host of entertainment services make their home in the cloud as well, providing customers with movies and shows directly to their living rooms in the blink of an eye.

Renewable Energy

Fossil fuels have been the go-to for personal, public, and commercial growth for over a hundred years, but the love affair with coal and gasoline is coming to an end. Not only is there evidence that carbon emissions are increasing globally, but these fuels are a limited resource. Sooner or later humanity will run out of oil, but there are some energy sources that will never go out of style.

Advancements in renewable energy are changing everyday lives in a number of ways. Many homeowners already take advantage of solar power to virtually eliminate their electric bills. As early as 2008, entire cities have been powered exclusively by wind turbines. Geothermal heating and cooling are also becoming popular options since they use heat trapped within the Earth itself to warm and even cool homes. As technology continues to become more advanced, there’s no telling what new wonders the future holds for everyday life!