4 Ways to Make Your Dog More Comfortable in Car Rides
June 28, 2021

4 Ways to Make Your Dog More Comfortable in Car Rides

Roadtrips don’t elicit the same response in all dogs. Some dogs enjoy the ride, while other dogs favor the comforts of home. Whenever you're traveling with your pet, their needs must at the top of the priority list. Long car rides may be stressful for some pets. The most effective approach to thank them for providing you companionship is to think about their wellbeing during the ride.

If you’ve noticed that your dog feels uneasy during trips, this article will provide you four best ways to make your doggo more comfortable during car rides.

Make A Special Place For Your Dog

If you offer your dog a regular seat in the car, it will be simpler to keep him calm and confident. It’s best if he knows there’s a space allotted for him such as a small dog car seat. In addition, you may teach your dog to recognize that location by using dog blankets, beds, or toys. 

In all seriousness, set aside a place in your car around the same size as the dog's bed at home. If in doubt, go for a smaller size. Tight constraints keep the dog steady, making them appear happier.

Invest in Pet Equipment

Allowing your dog to run around freely in the backseat is not a good idea. It is not only against the law in certain areas, but it's also hazardous, and your dog will be unhappy being tossed around. Instead, purchase a dog seatbelt, which is a harness that connects to the seatbelts in your vehicle.

For increased comfort, you can also invest in special dog blankets for car rides. These blankets help relieve their anxiety, making them feel soothed and protected. Plus, you can bring their favorite cushion or dog bed to rest throughout the journey.

Consult A Veterinarian First

If your dog has learned to identify road trips with appointments to the vet, it may not be pleased to be heading out on the open road, but a check-up before you go is an excellent choice. Your veterinarian can not only ensure that your dog is well enough to travel, but he may also be able to offer sedatives if your dog becomes anxious in the vehicle. 

Also, obtain a copy of your dog's vaccination records if any of the hotels you visit need them. Finally, if your dog hasn't already been microchipped, now is the time to get it done, so you'll have a greater chance of finding it if it gets lost during the trip.

Breaks for the Bathroom

A puppy needs to go to the toilet at least once per hour. A senior dog may be content to go four hours or longer without interrupting. Because of all the walks you give your dog, you’re probably already aware of the rough frequency it needs. Just keep in mind that time spent in strange surroundings, with unexpected stimuli, may render even the most obedient dog unpredictable, so keep an eye out for symptoms of pacing, heavy panting, or whimpering, which could suggest the need to visit a wayside bush.


Traveling by car is a lot of fun, especially when you bring your dog along. There are a few more details to consider to keep your dog comfy during the travel, but these extra precautions are a simple approach to ensure a safe flight for both of you.