4 Reasons Why Solitaire Is Obsessively Good Game
October 01, 2020

4 Reasons Why Solitaire Is Obsessively Good Game

As of now, Solitaire has pervaded almost every phone, desktop computer, laptop, and every platform imaginable. From an old-fashioned, classic Solitaire to avant-garde and complex appeal, this game has multiplied into several versions.

And the aftermath? It has only become more and more beloved by people! Now, what could be the reason why it’s widely accepted by many individuals? At last, we’ll give you four answers to that all-too-common question:

  • Solitaire is a well-combined game of chance and skill

During your gameplay, it may appear as if you’re losing. However, you’ll always be surprised by the wealth of possibilities arising in front of you. Sometimes it may seem to you that things are just falling into place.

Meanwhile, your last move could be a total dead-end. To make it short, Solitaire card games never cease to surprise their players. Nevertheless, they emphasize that not everything is a stroke of luck. As when you run out of luck, you would have no choice but to summon your skills to your rescue.


  • In this game, you are against yourself

According to avid gamers, the fulfillment they get when they play Solitaire is a different one. Unlike other games wherein you’ll get bored after a few wins, this game only pushes you to hit success repeatedly.

In addition, each session allows you to practice until you win through mastery, not random chance. And the main thing is ― you’re not competing against anybody but yourself. Thus, every session is an opportunity to become better than your previous performance. What’s more, you’re balancing the forces of luck while merging in your gaming know-how.

  • Such a game exercises your decision-making abilities

If you’re quite poor at making decisions, let this game do the honor of improving that trait of yours. Whether you’re playing Solitaire online or you're using real cards, the perks are the same! Let us give you a clearer example. When you have a selection of cards before you,

it’s almost irresistible to move them just because you can. This careless move, however, sometimes leaves you with fewer options and eventually, loss. By taking your time and moving a card only when necessary, you're doing your brain a favor. It trains you to execute life skills, which are discipline and decision-making!

  • It’s a different experience in every variation

Although hundreds of versions have been propagated in the history of Solitaire gaming, each variation has its own special features. Sometimes, the layout or structure is modified or a certain game calls for a different set of strategies.

Thus, every Solitaire game provides a unique experience to its players. Even now, with the influx of highly-realistic and advanced games, Solitaire still stands tall. Back then, the look of graphics was still simplistic but that didn’t stop people from obsessing over it before and even up to now.


There you have it! Those are the four awesome reasons behind Solitaire and its enduring fame. A free Solitaire is a total package in terms of quality, convenience, and benefits.

So, if you ever catch yourself obsessing over it, then you’ll have a pretty good idea why. With this, you will more than entertain the idea of playing top-notch Solitaire card games over and over again.