4 Gold Pendant Sets to Check Out This Season
April 19, 2022

4 Gold Pendant Sets to Check Out This Season

Who doesn’t like having gold jewellery in their collection? Gold goes with virtually every outfit whether it be something traditional like a suit or an LBD, everything looks better with a little bit of bling.

There are distinct kinds of gold pendant sets that can be found in the market, and you may find one that is more suitable for a specific occasion than the other. So, when you are shopping for a gold pendant set, it is important to look for ones that are versatile and go with different outfits.

You can check out the collection of gold pendant sets at Mia by Tanishq for versatile and elegant designs.

Hexagon Design

If you are looking to make a statement you have come to the right place, this yellow gold pendant set is bold and beautiful. It has a unique design with concentric hexagons highlighting the geometric design.

The hexagon design at the centre has an eye-catching diamond-cut design with a high-polished design, the piece looks shiny and graceful. This is definitely a statement piece that can be worn with a simple saree to highlight the gold look.


Dainty Dangles

Inspired by modern art, this minimal jewellery design is a playful gold pendant set design that you would love. The unobtrusive design is shaped like a horseshoe with two dangling bells, which makes this unique gold pendant set stand out.

This simple design will make a statement without taking up too much space in your look. You can pair it with a simple outfit of blue jeans and a white shirt, to maintain the minimal vibe. The simplicity of this piece also makes it a great gold pendant set for our office look.

Dainty Dangles

Floral Design

Blending flowers within a jaali design, this gold pendant set is super unique. The circular outline and the negative spaces make for a mesmerising gold pendant set. This design highlights a simple flower in the centre whose petals are emerging, this resembles a Dahlia.

This is one of the best options if you are looking for a white and yellow gold pendant set. The white and yellow colours make it even more versatile, and this can be paired with absolutely anything you want.  

Dainty Dangles

Magic Dome

This gold pendant set describes simplicity at its best. This magic dome design is definitely a modern statement piece. If you are someone who loves everything trendy, this is the gold pendant set for you. Even the chain of this design is unique, making this a conversation starter for any party you go to.

You can wear this exciting and elegant design with a beautiful cocktail dress for a fancy dinner party, or with a salwar suit when attending a function. Wherever you wear this piece, you would stand out from the crowd.

Dainty Dangles

Gold Pendants Set –How to Style?

Gold Pendants Set can be easily styled for a number of occasions, because of their versatility, it is one of the top pieces of jewellery many women buy. A gold pendant set can be worn for any special occasion like someone’s wedding paired with your favourite saree.

On the other hand, the earrings and the pendant of this set can also be worn independently for more casual outings. The pendant can be worn for your Sunday outing with your family, and the earrings can be worn as a statement piece for a night out with your friends.

You can find gold pendant sets of various styles and unique designs on Mia by Tanishq. It is a trusted and credible jeweller having an enormous collection of gold jewellery you can choose from.