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3 Ways a Smart Lock Makes Security Personal

A big part of being a homeowner is making the space your own. You’ve got so many exciting design elements to decide upon, from finding the most wonderful wallpaper, to selecting the coziest sofa. One of the most important style choices you’ll make? How you want your entryway to look. A door isn’t just an entrance, it's a gateway to the comfort of family and the memories you’ll make while spending time together in the space you call home.

A door also stands for security, a barrier that keeps your loved ones safe. One great way to upgrade your home’s entryway is by installing a smart lock. You might think of smart locks as bulky, mechanical contraptions, but in fact, the opposite can be true: a great smart lock combines style and simplicity, making your home secure without compromising your home design aesthetic. Read on to learn about the many ways that smart locks make your home security personalized to your needs.

3 Ways a Smart Lock Makes Security Personal

Security that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Smart locks make your home security as easy as the touch of a button: literally, you can control your home’s keyless entryway using an app on your phone. Once your lock is installed (usually, a few simple twists of a screwdriver is all it takes), download the app that corresponds to your lock to set it up. Your smart lock will pair with your phone via Bluetooth, which will allow you to control locking and unlocking your door whenever you’re in range of the lock.

The range is determined by geofencing software within the lock, which sets a small distance perimeter around your house in which keyless entry is accessible. You can also use the app to allow others access to your lock, by adding them as administrators or guests.

So Many Ways To Lock It Up

Speaking of granting others access to your smart lock system, let’s dive into the many ways that keyless entry allows you and guests to enter your home.

Touch to Unlock

If your smart lock has a touch to lock/unlock feature, you’ll be able to open your door with just the tap of a finger. When you and your phone are in range of the smart lock, your lock will be primed to respond to your touch when you arrive home. This means no more struggling to find your keys when carrying in bags of goodies from your weekly trip to the grocery store. Additionally, you can set your touch smart lock to auto lock after you enter, so it won’t open if the lock is accidentally touched after you arrive home.


If your smart lock comes with programmable keycards, you can register them with the app to use them for keyless entry, much like you would a hotel keycard. These keycards are perfect for school children in your family who may be too young for a touchscreen phone, or for house staff like dog walkers and housekeepers who come on a daily or weekly basis. Plus, if a keycard is ever lost or stolen, you can easily revoke its access to your lock via the app.

Party Passes

If you’re throwing a party or family gathering at your home and want to allow keyless access for a number of people, you can create a pass using your smart lock’s app. Just denote on the pass the date and time period of your event and attach it to your invite, so all those who are welcome can enter easily.

Coordinate with a Code

If you have a keypad smart lock, homeowners can allow guests to enter using a simple, unique, digit-based code without having to download an app. Keypads are perfect for when you have contractors working on your home, or a gardener who comes by once a week. They’re also ideal for those who rent their homes on house-sharing sites, as they allow homeowners to create codes for each short-term renter’s stay.

Superior Style

On top of providing top-of-the-line home security features, a great smart lock will fit in with your home design. Some smart locks come in finishes that can match your door. Alternatively, if you’re in love with your existing door hardware and want to upgrade to a smart lock, you can opt for a smart deadbolt that provides the advanced technology of keyless entry by fitting inside your lock’s deadbolt spot.

You want your home to fit your style while prioritizing your security and the safety of the ones you love. That’s why choosing a smart lock for keyless entry in your home is the way to go!