10 Gadgets to Level Up Your BBQ Game
August 30, 2021

10 Gadgets to Level Up Your BBQ Game

Outdoor events with those you love are always unforgettable. It is easy to feel satisfied when you see them enjoying good food and bonding over the dishes you have prepared. Grilling is fun, but it can also be stressful, especially if you don’t have the right gadgets to level up your BBQ game.

Instant-Read Thermometer

A professional-grade meat thermometer is essential to ensure that steaks are cooked perfectly and at food-safe temperatures. Digital instant-read thermometers come in handy for most things in the kitchen like cooking, baking, and grilling, so it's an all-in-one versatile tool you need to level up your BBQ game.

Pizza Oven Kit

An all-in-one grill can elevate outdoor pizza parties to a whole new level. Yes, you can turn your charcoal grill into a blazing pizza oven. You only need a pizza kit. This kit comes with a stainless steel insert that fits over the grate to create a pizza-ready cooking chamber that can reach temperatures of up to 750°F.

Kebab Baskets

No skewers? It's no problem. These kabob baskets are perfect for those who don't have grilling tools or don't want to deal with the hassle of grilling. They can hold large amounts of meat and veggies. It's easy to flip them! These kebab baskets will be a hit with your pitmaster.

Stainless Steel Grill Basket

This square stainless steel grill basket makes it easy to grill shrimp and cubed meats. It's large enough to be used for large family gatherings and picnics. This makes it a must-have in your kitchen or a great gift for barbecue-loving family members.

Stainless Steel Smoker Box

Do you need a flavor boost? This tiny tin can be used for many purposes. Pair it with wood chips or herbs to create smoky flavours. To enjoy outdoor flavor, you can turn your entire grill into a smoker.

Stuffed Burger Maker

You can make a better burger. This stuffed burger maker can help you make burgers that are more gourmet with your favorite ingredients. Stuffed beef burgers are made with Swiss cheese, grilled onions and bacon, and cheddar. These can be used to speed up the process and reduce time for grilling.

Bistro Sauce Pot

You can say goodbye to messy marinades and sloppy sauce containers. A bistro sauce pan that doubles as a sauce pot, and a brush is the perfect gift for your pitmaster. The lid is long enough to be used as a brush. It's made from silicone, which is non-slip and will hold up even with gloves.

Pizza Stone with Carry Rack

Your outdoor pizza party can be elevated! It's not necessary to order pizza delivery when you can cook your own pizza at home. This pizza stone can be used to grill and make thin-crust pizzas. These are some of the best grilled pizza recipes you can find.

BBQ Grill Light

Many barbecues are held in the evening. Grilling at night is a challenge. Let there be light! This BBQ grill light is great for summer and winter. The universal clamp attaches to any grill hood, except kettle-style. The LED lights can rotate at 300°.

Grill Gloves

Your basic oven gloves are no good, grill masters will be grateful for your grill gloves. These gloves are durable and flexible and will allow you to move freely while grilling. These gloves are also suitable for baking and regular use in the kitchen.

Level up your grilling sessions with your family and friends! These are just some of the gadgets to level up your outdoor BBQ game.

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