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17 Dapper Ways To Wear Your Dress Shoes

We'll be honest. We are not in to dress shoes. We're more of a sneakerheads. We even recommend wearing sneakers to work. Most creative professionals can easily pull off sneakers at work, because of the kind of work they do.  But, that's not the case with everyone. And we believe it is up on us to help you guys look your best.  

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11 Coolest College Hairstyles You Can Try

Looking your best is the top priority when you are in college. But it's not easy. You have to know how to be the best dressed the guy on campus. In fact we've a super insightful eBook to help you dress your best in college. Now that dressing part is sorted out with our eBook, let's dive in to get some inspiration to get your hair right.   The first thing you need to be careful when you decide on your next hair cut is your hairstyle should be easy to maintain and different than others.  But, the good part is that you're not old (yet!), or stuck in a corporate cubicle. So, you can take risks and have complete...

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