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Your Ultimate Guide in Wearing Men's Diamond Chains

Your Ultimate Guide in Wearing Men's Diamond Chains

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The ultimate reason why many love to wear diamonds is that it's literally the hardest stone on earth. Well, diamonds are mostly associated with women because they are beautiful, elegant, and valuable, just like women.

Diamonds and women indeed share the same characters as mentioned above. However, diamonds also give off masculine charms. Diamond also symbolizes determination, stability, and confidence, which are all-natural to men.

Men and Diamonds

It is not only women who deserve diamond jewelry as a gift. Men are no longer confined to the role of being the giver of such an expensive present. Nowadays, men are also capable of wearing diamond items as much as women are.

Most men enjoy a busy lifestyle, so dainty and wearable accessories are what they want. To pull off a masculine and minimalistic look, most men would experiment with various accessory combinations and fashion styles

The Worth of a Diamond Necklaces

The diamond necklaces' price differs hugely depending on the carat weight, diamond quality, and of course, the count of diamonds in the item.

A necklace with one tiny diamond typically costs $250 at least, and the estimated price of a designer necklace set with multiple diamonds is $30,000. The price range of diamond necklaces including chains is usually $500 to $36,000. If you want to have a clearer picture of the prices, click here to take a look.

There are factors that greatly influence the price that you have to pay. Apparently, the most important determinant is the quality of the diamond.

Refer to the 4 C’s of diamonds that are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat so that you can assess whether a diamond is exceptional or one that is common. The most obvious thing here is that if you're looking for a flawless diamond piece, expect a higher price as well.

Diamond Chains

Chains are the most common necklace type for men. It is a strand of beads, discs, or rings that are fastened together in a chain. Of course, there is an array of chain and clasp styles that you can choose from.

Traditional accessories for men are unornamented chains. With its simplicity, a man can make a variety of expressions. Of course, everything will depend on the metal used, the chain's length, and how the links are fastened together.

Diamond chains are considered the one of the most expensive jewelry items since it requires a considerable amount of precious material to pitch such value.

Simple or Fancy?

Compared to women, men would prefer basic and classic. A diamond chain that’s light and crisp will go well even with a plain shirt.

Nowadays, many guys wear fancy and outrageous diamond chains. Because we are in the era where someone who wears extra gets to steal the spotlight, a lavish diamond chain is now a blockbuster. However, not everyone could pull off a look with an elaborate chain, so you better choose a chain style that won't get you over accessorized.

Layered Chains

Of course, you have the freedom to layer multiple diamond chains. You can even choose fitting gold or silver chains. Take note that you are layering the chains to add texture to your outfit therefore you can layer chains with different widths and lengths.

The ideal number of chains you can layer is 2-5, but you can always disregard the number since it's not a rule that you have to serve.

The Ideal Length

Basically, most diamond chains' length ranges from 14 or 16 inches. Some are even longer at 30 inches or more than that. Below are categories of lengths you can choose from.

14 – 18 inches (Choker)

It is important to know the width of your neck. An 18 inches choker can be tight for you, so you better get your neck measured first.

Well, you can measure it yourself by encircling a soft tape measure around your neck. While you're measuring, make sure to keep the tape measure parallel to the floor. Don't forget to add 5-10 cm to your neck measurement. Finally, you can now record the sum as the minimum recommended chain length for you. 

A choker is basically a close-fitting chain, but you always choose to add allowance if you want it to hang a little bit around your neck. Chokers are always noticeable above a man's neckline, and you can don them to express a range of character everyday.

20–24 Inches

This length is the standard length for men's diamond chains. Normally, a 20 inches chain will settle in the first and second buttons on a shirt. You have the freedom to tuck it in your shirt or flaunt it outside.

A 22-24 inches diamond chain normally falls in the chest part. You can wear it inside or outside of your upper garment. Men usually choose this length for pendants and crosses.

26-30 Inches

Diamond chains in this length are classified as "bling-blings". Oftentimes, bling-blings are intended to be displayed outside of a shirt. These chains carry pendants and cross most of the time. Obviously, this chain is meant to catch a crowd's attention. Aside from it's flashy and fancy length, the one wearing it is presumed as someone who loves to swagger around.

What Will Suit Your Face?

The shape of the wearer's face must also be considered when buying a diamond chain. Well, round faces are meant for v-shaped chains that are longer. Meanwhile, wearers with pointy and thinner chins should wear choker-style diamond chains.


Diamond chains for men are one of the most flexible varieties of masculine jewelry. It can never go wrong with any style and look that a man would want to deliver. Enhancing a man's look somewhat depends on the accessories he wears, and diamond chains are the best outfits even on regular days.

Your Ultimate Guide in Wearing Men's Diamond Chains

fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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