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Why Shirts Are Essential for Every Wardrobe

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Shirts Polo Ralph Lauren Shirts are an essential item in the wardrobe of every modern man. Why do men prefer them?

So, the advantages of shirts are the following:

  • they are comfortable and fit any image, perfectly combined with a business suit, jeans, sneakers, and classic shoes;
  • modern materials from which these products are sewn are practical to wear and pleasant to the body, so in summer they are not hot, and in winter they keep warm great;
  • shirts are simple in care: some models do not even require ironing after washing
  • designers pay great attention to this item of men's wardrobe, so new models are constantly appearing and becoming fashion trend of any season;
  • there is always a wide variety of models on sale, so men of any age and build can choose the right option for themselves.

Having several ones in the wardrobe, a man will not have the question of what to wear to the office, on a date, to a business meeting, or to a restaurant - the option with a shirt is an excellent choice in any situation. If you ask the question of how many shirts a man should have, we can confidently answer that as much as women have dresses for every occasion.

Types of models of men’s shirts

All types of men's shirts are usually differed by style or silhouette:

Regular-Fit is a classic straight-cut model, that will perfectly match a suit with a tie for a business meeting. Also, it can be worn with a sweater or vest for a casual look.

Slim-Fit is a fitted shirt model that men choose to emphasize the figure. The same type of shirt models can include the extra slim or super slim style.

Custom-Fit - loose shirt silhouette. A product will look attractive with a blazer or a knitted cardigan.

Trendy colors and prints

Classic colors of men's shirts are considered to be white and all neutral shades. These colors can be easily combined with any occasion and are suitable for most men. In winter, it is customary to choose richer and darker colors, such as black, dark blue, burgundy, or khaki. In summer, preference is usually given to light shades, such as blue, pink, or yellow. Sometimes requirements to the dress code oblige to wear only shirts of light shades, but for an office where such frames are not installed, calm monochrome colors with a neutral print are usually chosen.

So, the small cell, a thin strip, or rhombuses will be appropriate. It is not recommended to combine too many shades and patterns in one set. The ideal combination would be a light blue or gray shirt with a tie in the color of the jacket. The most popular coloring for shirts is a cage and a strip no thicker than one centimeter. For a sporty or informal style, shirts with larger and bolder prints are suitable. Checkered, striped, ethnic, and floral prints perfectly combine with jeans, sweaters, jackets, and sneakers and make the image stylish. Bright and large prints are better to choose when you go on a trip or on vacation.

Various decorative elements, such as slots or epaulets, may be present on the shirts. But there are other details that can give the product a special mood. For example, a shirt for a romantic image can be made with unusual embroidery or simple ruffles. Products with similar details belong to the casual style. The basic colors for classic shirt models are white and all light tones and the drawing of this group looks calm and restrained. For sports shirts, any shades are acceptable, including complex ones, and the print for them can also be any. A distinctive feature of classic models can be called a stiff collar, created for wearing bow ties and ties.

All sports shirt models are made with a soft collar and can combine unusual fasteners, pockets, and various decorative elements. Informal models are very popular today. For example, cowboy shirts or safari models, so, on vacation, choose boho-style or Thai styles, sewn from thin cotton. Models in Japanese or Chinese style, reminiscent of kimonos, are also relevant. Lovers of laconic images will like a monochrome elongated model or a traditional white shirt that will look strict and elegant. So, the variety of types of men's casual shirts allows choosing a stylish cozy look for every day.

Shirt combination

Let's take a closer look at the types of men's shirts and how to wear them correctly.

At official events and business meetings, it is better to wear a suit with a classic shirt. By the way, it is important to choose the right jacket. A fitted shirt is well combined with jeans and trousers of different styles, and, we are sure, this universal thing will become indispensable in the wardrobe of any man. The grey color is considered universal and fits into any style, but the main thing is to choose the right shade.

For example, a jacket, trousers, and a tie of darker tones are perfectly combined with a light gray shirt. The image will be monochrome, but the combination of different shades and textures will make it elegant and not boring. For an accent, you can add a belt or bright-colored shoes to the set. All shades of gray are well combined with vests and cardigans of dark tones. Many people try to bypass the black color in clothes, considering it too dark, but, as we have noticed, men, confident in themselves, boldly choose a black shirt, as it looks attractive with classic trousers and a jacket.

A perfect combination of black with white, blue, or gray will make a business image elegant and sophisticated. A burgundy shirt is considered to be a fashionable element of the wardrobe too, as this deep rich color goes well with grey, black, or brown. A model in a wine color is suitable for a social event and will harmoniously complement your everyday look. In the end, a model of blue or purple shade will add brightness and chic to any man.

Why Shirts Are Essential for Every Wardrobe