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What Watch Brands Does Fossil Make

Fossil is impossible not to recognize, as it is an immensely popular luxury watch brand that has taken the world by storm in just a few decades.

Classy, unique, functional, and durable, these are just some of the reasons why the brand retains its reputation.

Since its creation in 1984, it continues to expand its empire by designing and producing several other timepieces under its umbrella.

In this article, we’ll discuss 5 famous luxury brands that are designed, manufactured, and distributed by Fossil.

All of these are quality brands that have also built their own reputation in their respective industries, amplified by the beautiful and timeless pieces that the watch brand provides.

What watch brands fossil make

5 Brands that Fossil Designs for

1. Emporio Armani

One of the several popular luxury brands that Fossil caters to is Emporio Armani. This brand specializes in ready-to-wear clothing from run-way collections designed by Armani himself.

As the company grows, accessories have also become part of its collection, being produced and distributed by Fossil.

Some of the most popular models of the Emporio Armani watch collection include the Armani Exchange Black Watch for its sleek, striking, and elegant look; the AR2447 provides a timeless classy look yet is also a casual steel watch carried by a leather bracelet; and the AR1677 for its bold, minimalist, yet noticeable design that steel can provide.

Armani watch fossil

2. Adidas

Synonymous to quality sports goods; this German company has become a globally-recognized brand that produces sportswear including clothing, shoes, accessories, and watches. Its sports collection empire spans multiple sports including basketball, golf, gymnastics, tennis, running, and skateboarding, among others. Their success in providing quality goods has made their expansion swift and popular.

Some of the most popular Adidas watches include the ADH2712, with its strikingly familiar use of the Adidas logo and its minimalist appearance; the ADP3121 is equipped with an LCD dial and is water resistant for up to 200m for that intense adventure; and the ADH2711 for its iconic and bold representation of white on a timepiece, donning the logo with minimalistic beauty.

3. Marc Jacobs

Another popular fashion line, Marc Jacobs has produced various ready-to-wear clothing lines, expanding his empire to several other products. A young genius, he helped Louis Vuitton grow as a company with his help after which branching out to build his own empire from the ground up. Besides clothing, fragrances, bags, shoes, watches, and other accessories are produced by the brand.

Producing quality timepieces, the brand’s most popular watches include the Baker, which is a simple yet elegant watch that is boldly inscribed with MARC on its dial; Riley is a unique twist on a watch as it has several quirks that make it appealing; the Vic with its bold use of square for the watch design, making it very recognizable yet beautiful.

Mark jacobs watch

4. Diesel

A popular Italian clothing company, Diesel has become globally successful as the pioneer of denim wear, ranging from jeans to several clothing. Besides their main line and expertise, they also produce jackets, footwear, and accessories. The brand has expanded with its success, bringing in fragrances and watches into their retail set.

For their watch line, some of their most popular include the DZ7287 Daddies Series, featuring a very flashy and eye-catching design with a unique dial and all-gold build; the DZ4281 Mega Chief features a bold yet attractive 3 subdial design with baton hands; and the DZ4180, a striking yet simplistic black timepiece that can easily be a daily watch.

Diesel watch

5. Michael Kors

Another juggernaut in the fashion industry, Michael Kors is famous for his ready-to-wear clothing line for both men and women. Sportswear and luxury accessories mark his fame worldwide. Aside from clothing, his fashion empire has grown exponentially, producing other lines such as footwear, bags, accessories, jewellery, fragrances, as well as watches.

Some of the most notable watches form Michael Kors include the MK5877 Everest, for its iconic dial with crystals enveloped by a steel case and bracelet; the MK5191 Gold tone watch for its sleek and eye-catching infusion of the colours gold and black; and the Jetmaster Automatic with its iconic and stylish masculine look and stainless steel finish.

Michael kros

The Success of Fossil

Aside from the 5 brands mentioned above, Fossil continues to work with other brands through partnerships or acquisitions, making them a powerful luxury watch brand. Through the years, with successful business ventures and innovations, the brand continues its pursuit of excellence through their products and core values.