What to Look For in Men's Flannel Shirts 2021 Gift Guide
November 22, 2021

What to Look For in Men's Flannel Shirts 2021 Gift Guide

For the longest time, flannel and sweatshirts have been the cloth of choice for men due to comfort. Unlike the sweatshirt, the flannel shirt has been hailed for a stylish, rugged finish and long life span.

Flannel shirts are also meant to be versatile, timeless, and bring out the wearer's personality. They can be worn during winter under a coat or during autumn with folded sleeves or over a t-shirt. However, finding a perfect flannel shirt as a gift for your loved one is not easy, considering the many variants introduced in the market in recent times. Below we look at five key features to look for in a flannel shirt's 2021 gift guide.

Find Quality and Durable Material

When looking for men’s flannel shirts, you need to prioritize the material it's made of since it's supposed to be long-lasting and comfortable. For the longest time, the shirts used to be 100% pure cotton. However, with modernization, cheap and stretching materials have been incorporated in the manufacture of flannel shirts. The new versions in the market are made of a lesser material hence the need to be keen when making a purchase. You may need to find a shop that sells vintage; otherwise, you may end up buying an imitation since it's not easy to differentiate the two.

Flannel Shirts Should be a Good Fit

Your man will probably wear the flannel shirt on a Sunday afternoon, during social events, or during a game. Ensure the shirt fits well to accommodate movement and comfort. Comfort is guaranteed if you purchase a cotton shirt and not cotton poly-blend. A well-fitted flannel shirt should not be baggy or tailor fit but fit like an over-shirt. These shirts are made for activity and movement hence the need to have them a bit loose.

Consider the Occasion

When buying flannel shirts, you need to consider the occasions the person is most likely to wear the shirt. If it's in the office, you still want to maintain professionalism. If you are purchasing one meant for the office, ensure it's fitter. If you feel the person is most likely to wear it over the tee or on a laid-back weekend, you may consider a regular fit or hybrid for maximum movement and comfort. Your loved ones should be able to switch from an office look to a casual look easily.

Taste and Style

Consider the colors, the kind of fit that he prefers on his other shirts, the style, and the design. Some shirts have pockets; others don't. Some have cuffs, short and long sleeves. Find out whether he likes pockets on his shirts and whether he prefers short sleeves for comfort over long sleeves and cuffs.

Versatility and Variety

Versatility is one of the key features that make a flannel shirt a must-have outfit in a loved one's wardrobe. It should be warm enough to be worn during winter under a coat and during fall over a casual T-shirt, unbuttoned, with sleeves rolled up. You may consider buying different versions in terms of colour and design and let our man enjoy a different design on different occasions.

Find a Fair Price

You can find a quality flannel shirt at an affordable price. Due to the uniqueness of the shirts, there is a tendency to think they must be costly, but this is not the case. You may opt to purchase online where prices are more friendly as long as you don't compromise on the material.

When buying a flannel shirt as a gift, remember to incorporate as many of the above features as possible and capture your loved one's imagination. Always remember this is a gift, and the closer you are to their ideal, the easier it will be for your loved one to accept it.

Men's Flannel Shirts 2021 Gift Guide